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5 Lighting Trends in 2021 and 2022

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If you’d like to find some of the more stylish types of lighting for your home, you should know what’s trending at the moment. There are many gorgeous yet functional lighting options that are flexible to suit your needs. Consider trying out a few of them in your house.

Brass Tones 

Brass allows you to have a more modern take on metal. It’s a warm tone that is beautiful when it’s polished for an elegant yet subtle touch. This looks amazing with concrete to produce a contemporary effect or natural materials like wood or marble if you want something that’s more refined.

Bold Designs 

You might look into getting a lamp or hanging light fixture that features sculptural shapes, colored glass, or an enticing texture that will make a statement when you have the light off as well. Treat it as if it’s an art piece to bring together the traditional and the modern.

Lighting Scenarios 

Since the advancement of wireless technology, lighting scenarios have become even more popular in homes. You can control the intensity and level of your lights with a mobile app. You can alter the combination of lights and brightness for a party, a more intimate setting, or something else entirely. You can have the convenience of switching lights on and off and changing their levels from wherever you’re sitting or standing.

Office Lighting 

More people than ever before are working from their homes. This means that we’re putting more thought into lighting our workspaces. A trend that’s emerged in 2021 is an appreciation for traditional styles and workmanship. It’s a good idea to use different kinds of lamps such as LED task lighting during the day, and you can bring out a SAD lamp if it’s a gray day.

Hidden Light Sources

Hidden light sources are great if you’d rather avoid making your light fixtures an obvious part of your home. You can get embedded or recessed lighting systems to make it so that light streams from above or from the side, and you don’t see its source. Positional luminaries, floor lamps set into a corner, and multilevel lighting are perfect options.

You want to make good choices for the lighting in your New Home Construction. If you are stuck on what would be best for your living space and your unique needs, consider getting the services of a designer to assist with this project.