5 Practical Techniques to Improve Time Management Skills

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Time management in today’s world has a very significant outcome and meaning. Without proper time management, everything will fall into chaos. Are you always stressed out because you have a lot of work to complete within a short time? Or perhaps you’ve been given some tasks by your boss and you have no idea how to complete them before time runs out.

You don’t have to worry that much because you can start by organizing your tasks and making a schedule. Here are the 5 practical techniques that you can implement to improve time management skills.

Arrange your work by Priority:

Having many tasks to complete can be a stress, we can start the day by making a list of the tasks and arranging them by their level of priority. This comes in handy because we tend to dedicate most of our time to less important tasks after all they are easy. However, we have to make sure high priority tasks are completed. Prioritizing helps us to focus more on the important task.

Making a schedule:

When we are clogged with work, we seem to get lost as to where to start. Making a To-Do list and checking off all the tasks upon completion invokes a sense of accomplishment and keeps us motivated. If there is a big task on hand, focus on that particular task only, postpone the rest of them for the next day.

The main objective is to focus on necessity. For a better understanding of time management, you can classify work into three categories, work, home, and personal.

Setting up Deadlines:

Having a task at hand means you have to complete it. Sometimes we get lazy or think of taking a break. This happens because our mind thinks there is a lot of time to do it. This is why sometimes we run out of time and are unable to complete the task. Time management skills can be greatly improved if we set up a deadline. Sticking a deadline note in front of us when we are doing a task, reminds us that the work has to be completed before the deadline. It imposes a sense of responsibility.

Talking about Setting up Deadlines, a person from whom inspiration can be taken is Nick Gamache Ottawa based Journalist.  Nick Gamache CBC has spent fifteen years in Canadian media circles and began his career with CBC in Quebec in 2002 as a reporter and producer.

Do not multitask:

The word multitasking might promote an idea of having multiple works done at the same time thus saving time. However, this is not the case as people seem to lose track of the work at hand. Focusing on one task at a time helps us to meticulously complete the task and avoid committing errors. Always avoid multitasking to improve time management skills.

Delegation of tasks:

It is pretty common and acceptable for people to take on a lot of tasks thinking they can do it before the end of the day. Sometimes our expectations fall short of the outcomes. This leads to extreme stress and failure. However, this can be avoided by delegating some of the tasks to your colleagues or co-workers according to their ability to do tasks. This does not mean you are dumping work, it will help you get more done within a short time.