5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Soliciting The Services Of a Child Custody Lawyer

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The aim of pursuing a child custody case is to find a solution that best serves the child’s interest and that of the parents. This involves both parties agreeing on the best child custody arrangement. However, sometimes the other party may not want to play along, and the case becomes complicated that it could affect the well-being of the child. When that happens, you need a good child custody lawyer. Finding a good child custody lawyer can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never been involved a child custody case. But don’t worry because these questions will help you in your pursuit;

1.Does he/she have enough experience?

Most law firms send out their newbie lawyers to deal with child custody cases. Child custody cases can be nasty. You may end up losing custody of your child permanently or getting a restraining order. New lawyers tend to make mistakes.  You don’t want a lawyer who will use your case as a learning curve. Therefore, choose an experienced lawyer for your child custody case. How do you determine if a child custody lawyer is experienced? Ask for references. They should produce a list of clients they represented. If possible contact the clients to ascertain that the references are legit.

  1. Is he/she an expert in the domain?

You don’t want to hire a general practice lawyer to take up your child custody case because it increases your chances of losing. There are many family lawyers out there, but not all of them deal with child custody issues. So, choose a lawyer who focuses on child custody cases. To determine if the lawyer is an expert, ask to see their certificates. They should have excelled in exams related to child custody and must have successfully handled many child custody cases. They should also be board certified.

3.Are you comfortable with the child custody lawyer?

This is a very important question when soliciting the services of a child custody lawyer. You will be revealing some of your darkest and deepest secrets to your child custody lawyer, especially if the case becomes complicated and your child is in danger. Therefore, hire a lawyer you believe in and are comfortable working with. You’d rather spend a ton of time searching for a lawyer you’re comfortable with, than choose one who you’re not comfortable with and might not have your interest or that of your child at heart.

4.Is his/her reputation up to scratch

Child custody lawyers develop a reputation over time. Their reputation is determined by judges, their clients, and their peers. It’s a good idea to hire a child custody lawyer who has a reputation for excellence. How do you determine a child custody lawyer’s reputation? By asking friends and family about lawyers they’ve used in their child custody cases. Ask them if they are satisfied with the lawyer’s representation. If they are satisfied, organize a sit-down with the lawyer to talk about your case.

5.Does he/she charge reasonable fees?

The cost of a child custody case is important. Some lawyers charge extraordinary fees that it doesn’t make sense to pursue the case. To get an affordable child custody lawyer, shortlist at least three of them, and compare their fees. Then, choose one that aligns with your budget. However, know that price is not a very important factor when searching for a good child custody lawyer.

When pursuing a child custody case, just remember that when you’re in high conflict with your partner, it’s the child that will suffer in the long run. So, the goal is to find an arrangement that is best for all parties. And it all starts with hiring a good child custody lawyer.