5 Recruitment Trends for 2021

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Recruitment Trends

Many organisations and recruitment agencies felt the pandemic’s effects on business, following various organisations and individuals made new ideas to recruit people safely yet efficiently. People see a remarkable shift from old beliefs to more recent and more innovative methods of recruitment. Now for 2021, here are five recruitment trends that we may see on the rise.

Remote Recruitment

One of the top trends in almost every field would be remote working. Even in the recruitment sector, people have adopted it to ensure that proper measures are followed during this pandemic while ensuring that people and organisations still get to run their mutual benefits. Thus there may be more focus on virtual interviews, work from home ethics, online screening, etc.

Use of Social Media

Although social media recruitment has been around for a long time, this method has boosted last year over the pandemic restrictions. Even for 2021, we will be seeing more agencies adopting the use of social media to recruit candidates. This time it may not be merely an additional option but more a good platform of its own.

Recruitment through the use of AI

Many companies have started to adopt data-driven recruitment methods to be more efficient in picking out candidates. Since there is a high rise in workload and pressure, using AI-enabled software and platforms allows candidates to be chosen through automated features that can easily pick out aspirants for various vacancies. For the most part, this method is both competent and time-saving for the agency as well as applicants.

Predictive Analysis

Although this method has been used for a long time, we may see that 2021 will have a steady rise in more organisations that may use this method to improve or sustain their business with time clock software. By analysing various available data, they can predict different outcomes, have new plans or improve hiring decisions. With a considerable increase in options, these analyses can help agencies pick the best possible candidate for other vacancies.

Freelance and Project-based Recruitment

Many companies may opt for freelance or project-based recruitment since the work from home ethic has steadily become normal. Many individuals prefer to work from the comfort of their own home. 2020 and its pandemic have surely caused a turn for various companies, and thus, even the recruitment processes and methods have to adapt and improvise with the changing times.