5 Tips On The Perfect Flower Girl Dress

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Planning a wedding has so many moving parts that it can be utterly overwhelming. Catering and cake are pleasant, relatively simple jobs, but the complexity of dresses, tuxes and venue all ramp up the complexity. You might not have ever shopped for girl’s summer dresses before, but how the flower girl looks is an important detail of your perfect wedding many people forget about until the last minute.

Here are 5 tips to make your flower girl shine, getting you one step closer to considering your wedding plan perfect.

Your flower girl’s dress doesn’t need to be white

Though it’s a common tradition that the flower girl wears white, many couples are moving away from that. Especially for weddings in the summer, opting for other colors can be bold and beautiful. Especially if you’re not wearing white, your flower girl’s dress can match for a fun twist. Additionally, it can be a color that compliments your dress or those of your bridesmaids.

Go for a shorter dress

Flower girls are often the most adorable, precocious little ladies in your life. As picture-perfect as this is on your wedding day, they also tend towards less coordination than older girls. A shorter dress can help you avoid spills as they navigate down the aisle. Especially for a more relaxed wedding, sun dresses or other girl’s summer dresses are perfect when color-coordinated for your wedding.

Pick it out early, buy it late

Though you don’t want to wait until too close to your wedding day, children do tend to grow quickly and seemingly overnight. If you pick your dress out 6 months in advance and buy it then, there’s a good chance your little flower lady will have grown an inch or more. Do the deciding early, but buy a month or so before the date.

Don’t forget to say thank you

The flower girl is doing an important job, and to show your thanks, you should give her a small gift. A small bracelet, a pair of earrings or a necklace can delight her and add another layer of cuteness to her ensemble.

Get her dressed last

Don’t forget to do a last-minute potty check as well, but get her into her dress as the final thing you do. Little kids spill, sneeze, and seem to be a magnet for stains of all kinds; the less time she’s in her dress before the wedding, the less danger its in.

Just because your flower girl is little doesn’t mean her role in your wedding is! Make sure she’s as cute as a button, in a dress that fits her, matches your theme and that she won’t trip over.