5 Tips to Maximize the end result of a Solvent Trap Cleaner

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Properly maintaining and caring for your firearm ensures its efficiency and safety to use. However, most firearm owners see cleaning as a complex and time-consuming task. It doesn’t have to be so. There are specific kits like the solvent trap that can assist you with this task.

The solvent trap cleaner is an item you screw to the end of your firearm’s barrel to catch and trap the cleaning solvent in a locked compartment during the cleaning process. By doing this, you avoid wasting your cleaning fluid and also prevent solvent messes.

As long as you do it right, your firearm will maintain its performance and reliability. There are many purposes your solvent trap may serve, and in the long run, using the solvent trap saves you time and money.

Regardless, there are certain tips to maximize the end result of a solvent trap cleaner.

1. Reuse the product of the solvent trap cleaner

During the routine cleaning of your firearm, the aim of using the solvent trap is to catch the solvent particles and other residues in the solvent trap. This way, you can avoid wasting the expensive solvent. When you put the solvent directly into your firearm, and it comes out clean on the other end. Instead of wasting it, the solvent trap gives you a chance to use your solvent again.

2. Recycle the product from the solvent trap cleaner

Solvent ranges from CLP, lubricant to bore cleaner. The basic recycling process removes the impurities from the waste and ensures the solvent is safe to be used again. By recycling, you get to avoid gathering wastes and save money. With the assistance of the solvent trap, you can remove the impurities from the residues after cleaning your firearm. The pure solvent can now be reused.

3. Store for emergencies and transporting

Asides from cleaning the firearm, the solvent trap also functions as a storage unit. The solvent traps have cup compartment areas to store items for transportation and emergency purposes. Regardless of the form of solvents, you can keep them separated and completely cut from each other in different cups while housing them in the solvent trap. Other items you can store in the solvent traps include Firearm cleaning patches, Matches and char paper, Batteries, Prepper emergency storage, and Medications like allergy or Nitro-glycerine pills.

4. Store for safety

Waste from cleaning your firearm can mess up your environment. Another thing it can do is harm your skin. The bore cleaning solvent is not always eco-friendly. It contains some harmful chemicals. Gladly, the solvent trap cleaner’s entire purpose is to keep the cleaning process’s end result. With the solvent trap holding the cup compartment areas sealed together tightly, you prevent these contaminants from causing havoc.

5. Dispose of the waste from the solvent trap

When you collect the end product of cleaning your firearm in the solvent trap, and the end product is no longer useful, you need to dispose of it. Sometimes the end product of the cleaning process is recyclable. Other times, they are not.

The end product can include different types of solvent, patches, and oil that have served several purposes. When you can no longer use these residues, remove them from the solvent trap, bag it, and dispose of, in a separate trash can to avoid discharging contaminants into the environment. for more information on the solvent trap, visit