5 Unique Dishes to Refresh Your Taste Buds

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Is the usual lunch and dinner not interesting enough? It might be time to consider giving your taste buds a treat by indulging in some new flavours, cuisines and preparations! A refreshing gustatory experience not only offers an essential break from the mundane but also introduces interesting new approaches and variations to classics. Developed at locations like the Riverside Resto, these are some of the most unique dishes to re-awaken your taste buds: 

  1. Sausage and Rapini Pizza

Pizza toppings are endlessly fun and full of potential. Exploring this is a refreshed classic – The Sausage and Rapini Pizza. A unique pie, it features the bitter Mediterranean leafy vegetable Rapini complemented with the savoury goodness of sausage. With an additional flavour owing to San Marzano Tomatoes, the resulting dish is a delightful fusion of textures and tastes.

  1. Chicken Empanada

Initially from Latin America, empanadas have now spread all over the world. Best described as a savoury pastry, an empanada boasts unique, flavourful fillings. For an effective introduction, experience a classic Chicken Empanada with added Scallions, Potatoes, Tomatoes and zesty spices.

  1. Shrimp Ceviche

With coastal origins, the shrimp ceviche is known for its zesty, almost sweet approach to seafood. This dish works best as an appetizer, awakening your senses to further culinary adventures. For a truly unique, seek the variant of shrimp ceviche featuring nording shrimp and tiger’s milk, a traditional Peruvian Sauce made of lime juice, sliced onions, pepper, salt, some chillies and juices from the shrimp.

  1. Beet Salad

While the usual salad is a go-to for those on a healthy journey, the beet salad can offer an interesting change of pace. The often-underrated vegetable beetroot gains a chance to shine here, being paired with ingredients that enhance its earthy-sweetness. 

  1. Salmon Tartar

Gain a new understanding of seafood with the Salmon Tartar. Diced Salmon chunks are paired to perfection with chives, shallots and a wafu Japanese-style dressing. The result is a refreshing and light appetizer that showcases the natural flavours of the salmon. 

In a world filled with culinary options, exploring unique dishes can be like embarking on a thrilling journey for your taste buds. It’s about more than just satisfying your hunger; it’s about experiencing the artistry and passion that chefs put into crafting these exceptional creations. From windows into cultures to creative expressions, the potential of gastronomy remains limitless.