53 Grade cement property and characterization

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53 Grade Cement OPC is the most important construction material all over the world. Ordinary Portland cement has chief chemical components such as Calcium, iron, alumina and silica. The cement manufacturing continuously improves the cement strength and improves the quality according to the type of cement. 53 Grade Cement provides higher durability and strength to the construction. It also optimizes the crystallize structure and size distribution of the particle. To provide greater strength to the structure, it takes 28 days for manufacturing process.

Measures and provision of the cement

53 Grade cement attains more strength compared to other cements. Because of the fast hydration process, it dissolvesthe water content easily at the time of heating. It leads to higher micro cracking in the concrete building. If the quantity of cement increases then the structures strength and durability can be increased. Proper precaution should be taken and quality assurance is measured by higher heat of hydration through the appropriate curing process.

Components in the cement

In cement consumptions, superior quality endeavorssubstantial savings. De-shutter the building when it development with highly compressive strength in the early stage. The cement is feasible in making the economically concrete mixed designs. Thelower percentage of magnesia, chlorides, alkalis and free life help s the concrete of the building to stay stronger. The 53 Grade cement are recommended for all types of concrete blocks, paver blocks and RCC structure. It posses greater strength to the structures and its setting time to the wall is quick.

53 Grade cement OPC is manufactured with balanced proposition of basic clinkers components such as tri calcium, tetra calcium Alumino ferrite and Di calcium silicates. While manufacturing along with alsothese propositions provides efficient and progressive hydraulic reaction. By this way, cement comes in contact with the water. Finer grinding is done at the higher rate of reaction and the components gets even distribution.

The 53 Grade cement provides reaction of water molecules in a larger surface area. In turn produces much faster reaction rate along with the evolution of greater heat of hydration as per the coverage of surface area.53 Grade cement requires more water at the starting stage of recurring process. The rate of heat evaluation is more and leads to be faster comparing with the other type of cement. Higher strength cement is used for constructional work and in high raising building works.

Initial strength of the cement

Initial strength in 53 Grade cement is achieved quickly. These types of cement have fast setting capacity and also attain 27 MPa in 7 days. 53 Grade cement are lower in cost which will be around 2-3%. Portland slag cement is manufactured by grinding the rocks and it produces cement components. These cements are replaced partially by OPC which has environment and economical benefits.

The lowering the chloride content prevents corrosion. It also includes the mixture of pozzolanic components increases strength, in the preparation of concrete of grades M15 ,M20, M25 and pre cast segments. By lowing the percentage of alkalis, magnesia and free line content makes it highly durable.