Portable Inverter Generator: Your One Stop Solution

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Sometimes it is very unfortunate to go through a long blackout. And that is the moment when we understand the need for a power generator. In the commercial sector, short breaks without electricity can be very expensive, especially for the ones who work with power tools, like with the best sander for wood. If you need an inverter power generator to maintain the comfort of your home, the portable Westinghouse igen4500 can ensure that your home does not lose any functionality during power outages. There are basically two types of power generators: standby and portable. There are also inverter type generators, which fit into portable generators and have a cleaner and quieter operation.

Stationary generators (standby)

The stationary generators are typically used in places that need power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are usually fueled with diesel, and automatically supply power to the site until the blackout is over. There are generators of this model of different dimensions. Besides, these generators are large and must be installed by professionals. Disadvantages – Not suitable for domestic use, costly and noisy, need bigger space to install, cannot move the installed unit (not portable), etc.

Portable and inverter Generators

The portable power generators are often used to provide electricity in case of emergency, or to bring electricity to places farther away from the conventional power grid. When looking for a mini portable power generator, consider the power, the working time, the size and the mobility, to choose the right generator for you. These generators are smaller in size, but capable of required power capacity. They are desirable for their clean power, quiet sound, efficiency and size. It is also important to always consider a safety margin so that the generator does not always work at 100% of its capacity, thus guaranteeing a much longer useful life. Advantages – cost-effective and safe fuel, perfect for outdoor requirement, suitable for indoor use, super silent, portable, etc.

Power generator resources

Do not let rain or excessive wind leave you at the mercy of blackouts. Consider these options below to choose the best generator for your needs.

Automatic start – When the power goes out, the generator comes on the scene – without lifting a finger. This is perfect for those who need power and is not always close to the generator in an emergency.

Electric start – Several portable models offer this alternative of automatic button without the need to waste time pulling the rope that starts the engine. Portable generators usually have this type of feature.

Fuel gauge – according to the expert Westinghouse igen4500 review it is always good to know how much fuel is in your power generator. Especially during long blackouts, or during maintenance periods when the generator is most used.

Automatic shutdown due to lack of oil

If the oil falls below the minimum levels, the generator automatically shuts down to prevent damage to the engine. It is a standard feature in portable generators. But some portable models also have some other features, such as inverters. Relying on an inverter portable generator brings you several benefits: the lifespan of the generator lasts long, it saves fuel economy, saves guard the machine from power fluctuation, maintains the inner circuit, etc.