6 Essential Tips for your Photo Booth Rental

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You don’t need us to remind you that photo booth rentals are all the rage for weddings events, class meetings, school dances, and other formal events. But you might need us to share some photo booth tips to get the most out of your case.

There’s no excuse! When it comes to photo booths. We’ve seen and done) all of it, and we want to make a happy client gate away from their event and say, “That was the best night ever!”

Follow option trail: Picture booths have come a very long way from the old enclosed stuff you may have seen in a train station or mall. You could never have seen a 360 booth before. Maybe you’re in love with boomerangs and wish your event could have them.

Picture prints or not: The most controversial question in the photo booth culture in 2020 is whether or not you can get prints. We love prints, and they give people a chance to take a physical image home. Your event has a younger and more digital audience that will help you select the best booth for them!

Choose your time slot: You’ve probably already selected the time and date of your case. But did you know that you will have a significant impact when you have your photo booth? Most photo booths are rented for a period of four hours but think about your timeline first instead of starting your rental period at the beginning of your case.

Consider the venue: Where your photo booth is situated inside your event space, it can have a big impact on your selfie experience.

If you want visitors to record video messages, make sure your photo booth is kept a fair distance from the dance floor so the music doesn’t interfere with it. That being said, keep the booth close enough to the action that it won’t be overlooked all night long.

Give great favours: Photobooth strips make the perfect wedding gifts, but for a little extra, add a photo booth frame as well. (The conventional 2×6′′ photo booth strip can be a little difficult to frame.)

See if your photo booth provider is selling photo frames as an add-on to their standard kit (we do). Your guests are going to love it!

Get the scrapbook: Even a professional photographer can’t capture everything anywhere at once, so it’s always nice to have a photo booth to capture extra images. But how are you going to enjoy all those snapshots if the guests take them home? Please compile them into your guestbook! Most Atlanta photo booth rental companies offer scrapbooks as an add-on to their packages. You’ll get a copy of each photo taken, and the guests can sign in with their best wishes.

Having a photo booth rental at your big event is an excellent investment, as it acts as a fun activity, a souvenir, and an extra photographer. And with these photo booth tips, you’re sure to get your money worth it!

We hope the above tips and tricks will help you in your research, and PopnPixels always here to answer any doubts you might have.