Perfect Home Business Options and Great Results

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If you live in the 21st century, you have probably had the displeasure of hearing the answer “I work at home!” when asked about the workplace. Or, if luck has favored you, you yourself have already had the joy (or sadness, depending on the situation) of the experience of working at home.

The Right Expressions

Expressions like flexible work and home office have become very popular in recent years and are used by an increasing number of professionals working in the job market. In times when we hardly forget work, being connected all the time through electronic devices, is there really a separation between “work” and “home”? You need to follow the best work at home business ideas in this case.

But what does it really mean to work from home in modern times?

For many people who have had, have or want to have this practicality in their lives, working at home can be compared to paradise, without having to put up with boring bosses, having to socialize with unpleasant people or facing the tiring daily routine, be in the sun or rain.

Others who have gone through the experience have a contrary opinion and claim that the home environment can hinder productivity, since many things can be distracting (such as TV and bedding) and result in procrastination.

What Study Comes Up With

A study conducted by the University of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands (released in May 2016), concluded that the integration between the home environment and the work environment can prove beneficial. According to the researchers, “the findings suggest that integration, rather than segmentation, may be a long-term strategy to minimize burnout and maintain higher levels of job performance during inevitable work-family transitions.”

  • Also according to the researchers, the biggest problem that could exist in this form of work would be the transition between the “way of working” and the “domestic way” of workers. That is, there would be a difficulty in separating the moments of work from the moments of rest. This difficulty already exists in society, since a large number of people would keep their heads at work even outside office hours. Working at home would make this separation even more difficult, which inevitably could create problems in both the home and professional environment.

To avoid these possible problems and in an attempt to bring this idea even closer to reality, scientists suggest a common sense approach between employers and employees. To improve the working environment, the famous “coffee breaks” and conference calls should be made more frequently. They argue that it is better to be flexible and indulge in these surveys with measures that would benefit both workers and the company than to go against them and discourage work, and to avoid solutions that would benefit everyone. It can be home business by blogging or other options. You can perfectly go for it.


Even with these results, it is possible that there are still many people who are skeptical of these benefits and believe that the best way to work is still within a closed and restricted office, the traditional model. This position can be both employees and bosses. It is too early to speak to draw conclusions, as there has not yet been a company that fully adopted this measure, despite the fact that less severity in work environments has become common.

Last Words

Waking up anytime you want, being able to have meals at home, avoiding daily traffic jams and being free to work in your pajamas still seem to be the exclusivity of some more fortunate people. But the idea is attractive to many professionals, for sure.