6 Unique Ways to Present Flowers To Your Dear Ones

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Flowers are one of the nicest gifts to grace someone with. Everyone appreciates receiving flowers. Whether it’s birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just you wish to give flowers when you are seeing someone, it is always welcomed and adored. Vibrant florals adorning bedside vases or a bouquet on the dining table feels beautiful. However, there are so many creative ways to send across a bunch of flowers rather than just giving bouquets. Even bouquet wrapping can be done in different ways. If you are eager to learn it, here is your guide.

  • Message Wrapped Flowers: If you are meeting someone one a date for the first time or you wish to take things a bit further with a person. If you feel you are bad at expressing feelings verbally or just like that, you can give flowers in this way. All you have to do is pluck fresh flowers with long stems and greenery. Take a paper, and write down your message on it. Gather all the flowers and secure them with a band or tap. Wrap around the message paper and finally finish it with the ribbon.
  • Aesthetic Flower Arrangement: If the flowers are for a family member, say wife, mother, sister or girlfriend; you should consider this idea. Instead of just extending a bouquet, you can plan a memorable surprise with a flower element. The first idea is to prepare morning breakfast, evening tea or dinner for the recipient. Arrange the meals on a tray and place your flower bunch on the tray. A smart way of serving food and making flowers look more aesthetically pleasing as a gift. Another idea is to clean and arrange the room. Place flowers in vases near the bed, on the cabinet or study table or any other shelf you think would be appropriate.
  • Display in Unique Container: Flower bouquets and baskets have a connotation of being ordinary. If you want to stand out with your gifting gesture, you should think beyond the usual baskets. You can do DIY with unique containers. Mail box, mason jar, photo frames, lanterns, milk cans anything can be used as a container. Decorate these, add a note and display flowers. This would surely grab the attention and praises of the recipient and all those who get to see the creation.
  • Hand wrapped Flower Combos: A lot of tokens go well with flowers just like cheese and pizza. You can create flower combos and wrap them in stylish ways. You can send chocolates and flowers, cake and flowers, potted plants and flowers, handmade gifts and flowers. You can make a vase of chocolates by sticking the bars together in a cylindrical shape and arranging flowers inside. You can hand-wrap cake with a cloth. Then, add stemmed flowers with a message card. Another idea is to take a wooden basket, arrange your tokens with flowers in a manner that captures the heart.
  • Flower Garland/Tiara: A flower presentation idea for a female recipient. Females love to wear flower tiaras and garland. Currently, it’s hugely popular and every female seems to love the idea. Make flower garlands and tiaras for your lady. You can use baby breath flowers, greenery, and other fillers along with the flowers to make lush and beautiful flower garlands and tiaras.
  • Flower Decoration: An idea that you can put into action for someone or yourself. Don’t forget yourself, pamper your soul as well. The fragrance of flowers is mood-uplifting and rejuvenating. You can decorate the rooms with flowers. Deck flower bunches, bouquets or vases. Hang flower strings from the wall. Stick flowers in a pot and put inside the bathroom.

Flowers always do the magic. When presented in an extraordinary way, they do wonders.