7 Myths About A Website For Your Small Business

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The question it seems every parent inevitably asks their child, “If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you jump off a cliff too?” can be asked in the context of a company website too; “If every other business like yours has a website, would you get one too?”  Sometimes it does not make sense to follow the herd.  But sometimes the herd knows what it is doing.

For some businesses, the reason they need a website (or a new website) is because everyone else (i.e. all their competitors) has one.  At this point, there is really no good reason not to have a website for your small business.  Your business offers goods and/or services to end consumers or other businesses.  Having a website enables potential customers to learn about your offerings.

Some small businesses are reticent to launch a website since the business has been good for years or decades without a website.  But times have changed.  Landau Consulting, a web development company in New Jersey, has published a list of 7 myths about small business websites in the following infographic.

Cost and complexity are frequent excuses for avoiding the building of a website; or perhaps the perceived time investment required.  Technological prowess might intimidate small business owners.  And for those small businesses that already have a website, the thought of relaunching it with a new look and new technologies to make it more user-friendly and efficient is in direct conflict with their “once and done” view of the website.

These are valid concerns but with today’s technologies, they need not be concerns at all.  A good NJ small business web design company can help you work through the details of creating a compelling and effective website, regardless of where your business is.  They will help you understand your options, much like a good contractor will guide you through a home renovation or construction project.

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7 Myths about a Website for Your Small Business Infographic Landau Consulting