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7 Ways to Improve Security in Your Commercial Property

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Security is an issue that every commercial property owner takes seriously. You can’t help but be concerned about your employees’ safety and the security of your building with all its contents. Here are seven ways you can improve security in your commercial property to give everyone a greater feeling of safety.

  1. Install Security Lighting

Make sure that all your commercial properties have exterior security lighting. This is a simple and low-cost way to improve the safety and security of any business. Your employees will feel safer when they can see everything around them, especially those things in the shadows, as well as those lurking outside after dark.

  1. Strategically Place Security Cameras for Maximum Effectiveness

The best security cameras in the world will produce nothing more than expensive paperweights if they aren’t properly placed. You should place your security camera in a position that gives it access to the entrances and parking lots of your commercial properties, as well as inside hallways, lobbies, cashier areas, and other critical areas. Placing security cameras in these key areas can help you see anything immediately and thwart any criminal actions.

  1. Use Security Guards

Security guards are another good way to improve the safety of your commercial property. However, don’t think that just anyone will do. You need properly trained men or women who have been through background checks before they can be hired. Also, they need to be professional in their dress and behavior. A security guard who arrives at your property in a uniform that looks like it’s from a costume shop will make people feel more secure about breaking the rules!

  1. Use Security Signs

Security signs are another way to discourage unwanted intruders. Put signs by the entrances of your property that say “24 hour video surveillance” or something similar. Few criminals want to be caught on camera, but they will still take the risk if they don’t know for sure if their actions will be recorded or not. Putting up security signs can raise awareness and keep unwanted visitors away.

  1. Educate Your Staff

One of the best ways to make people feel safe is for them to be aware of what’s happening around them. Many criminals have been known to enter a commercial property and commit crimes because no one knows they are there, or because workers don’t think it suspicious when someone who doesn’t appear to belong comes in. Making your staff aware of security issues and any suspicious behaviors can lead to a reduction in theft and other security issues.

  1. Reward Your Staff for Reporting Crimes

Another way to reduce crime is to reward your employees for reporting crimes or other suspicious activities. Even if the activity doesn’t turn out to be a serious crime, you want to know immediately so that you can call the police. You want your employees to be on the lookout for everything, including vandalism, theft of equipment or supplies, violence, and other issues.

  1. Update Your Security System When Necessary

Last but not least is to make sure that you are always up-to-date with any changes that may affect your security system. For example, if your Denver Security Company has a new app or a new security system that they want you to try out, make sure you do it. Not only will this make your employees safer, but it will also likely save you money because the new system may be more efficient and require less maintenance from your end.

When it comes to the safety of your commercial property, you can never be too careful. Your number one priority should always be to make sure that the people who work in and visit your business are safe and secure. This will benefit you in many ways, not just in terms of security.

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