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9 Designer Tips For Decorating Walls Aesthetically

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You have a beautiful house, but the walls are bare, and you want to see them decorated. Then how do you do it? Obviously, you have to decorate the walls. You can get the best wall décor at reasonable prices from shops anywhere where you live in your locality. You can also do some wall décor online shopping.

So when you have a beautiful house, it also calls for some beautiful wall decoration items that will take up the oomph factor of your home. And if your home is your personal property, then it calls for aesthetic decorations all the more.

Tips On Creating Aesthetically Beautiful Walls

Of course, there are certain tips that you may follow in increasing the oomph factor of your home. The better looking your home is, the more its resale value later on if required. So let’s get going with the tips on wall décor for your home.

Tip 1 – Shining Walls

Today if you visit a paint shop, you will see a whole lot of beautiful wall paints that will leave your head spinning at their beauty. They simply make walls dazzle. You can choose from metallic paints, enamel paints, synthetic paints, matte paints, and satin and semi-gloss paints. They will accentuate your walls. It will make for one of the most fantastic wall décors in itself. That needs not a huge fortune, as you may be thinking. It can be taken care of with small resources.

Tip 2 – Metallic Wall Décor

Metallic wall décor will make your personal space another thing of beauty. Today many 3D-designed wall décor are available in shops. These very same brick-and-mortar shops also sell their products online. They are also very economical is another plus point about these items. Since they are made from metal, they will not cost you a huge fortune.

In this regard, you can opt for geometric patterns, abstract art or any form of statue made from metal. All will look good. But for best results, you should make it a point to match it with the kind of paint that you have. Say, for instance, if you have a wall decoration item that is golden in colour it will match any dark shade on the wall. A golden décor item will look good on a navy blue wall.

Tip 3 – Wall Frames

Of course, you may have many framed pictures of your loved ones lying here and there. But you can organize that and make some arrangements on your wall. The living room is the most obvious choice for such arrangements. Even if you have no frames or frames in good numbers, that is not an issue at all. You can always get photographs framed and arranged accordingly.

But the best effect can be achieved if you can arrange it thematically. Say, for instance, if you can arrange pictures of your children beginning right from their childhood till the present day. Or you can capture one of your most enjoyed vacations in one wall of any room. That would tell the story of your vacation in its entirety.

Tip 4 – Wallpaper

Wallpapers can create a whole lot of wonders for your walls. They are like magic with so many colours and designs of wallpaper available in the markets. So instead of spending huge amounts by roping in professionals, you can install temporary wallpapers that you can get done yourself.

Tip 5 – Wall Clocks

Now you know of a variety of ways of doing up the wall, you can concentrate all your attention to shop for clocks. With so many beautiful masterpieces available, you can easily get one installed in every room. And the designs are wide in range.

The prices are quite affordable if you have a look at their sites. You can buy clocks online. The varieties will leave you amazed. If you can get hold of grandfather clocks or hanging clocks, they will make a good wall décor. They are definitely wall beauties that you can go for.

Tip 6 – Tape Designs

You must have heard of masking tapes. And so yes, you can put them to good use by making designs on walls. After creating designs on the walls, you can paint them with paint. After that paint has dried off, you can peel off the tapes. And lo and behold, your wall has a design that you conceptualized!

Tip 7 – Hang Murals

Murals have the amazing capacity to bring life into your room. They will make your room look as if you are in the past or in that particular situation. At times when you are alone, you can sit at your table or couch and imagine a whole lot of stories in that particular scene.

Tip 8 – Mix And Match

Mixing the old with the new is another way of getting your walls done. You can hang antique pieces on the walls along with modern pieces of art side by side with them. They will never be as a mismatch as you might think them to be. So go ahead if you have any such pieces in hand.

Tip 9 – Lights On Your Walls

Lights always play an important role in bringing out the beauty of a room. It so maybe that the room is almost bare, as some people believe that less is more. But if you have the accurate sort of lighting in place on your walls, then your home is set to be one of the best and most elegant. The wall may be bare with just a clock, but you can see how amazing it is. You can do online clock shopping from renowned brands or shops and see the whole décor change in a fraction of a few seconds.

You can get theme lighting done that will match the décor of the room. Proper lighting will change the ambience and turn it into a cozy den that anyone would love to live in. This much for now, but that sure is going to suffice in helping you with your wall décor.