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A Beginner’s Guide to Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Air conditioning units need to be regularly serviced just like any other mechanical system. If you live in a hot environment, regular yearly maintenance is even more critical. If you have a home or industrial HVAC system for your business, you need to know when to service it and what to expect. This article will provide a few tips on maintenance schedules and proper air conditioning care, so continue reading to find out more.

How Often Is Maintenance Required?

Usually, you should schedule a maintenance trip for your air conditioning in the spring. The main reason is that there will be the least demand for your system in the spring, especially if it is used for both heating and air conditioning. At the very least, you need to service your HVAC system once per year. Depending on the demands of your temperature control, you may require semi-annual or even quarterly service visits. In this case, you may want to investigate a service agreement to save on annual costs.

If you only want to get serviced once per year, then as explained above, spring is the best time. Winter is not desirable because cold temperatures are not optimal for testing and running an AC system. Summer is when you want your air conditioner up and running, so this is not the best maintenance time either. Typically, costs will go up in the summertime as well, due to high demand. Make sure your AC is inspected, and any repairs such as new industrial air filters Richmond VA are made before you enter the high-demand months.

Keeping on top of air conditioning maintenance is valuable for the hot summer months. If you use your air conditioner regularly, make sure you are not left without a working machine. Look for professionals in your area, and keep them on-call for any inspection or repairs you might require.

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