A Guide to Finding Good Restaurants In Perth

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If you are new to Perth or have lived here for a while, it can be hard to find good places to eat. With so many restaurants opening and closing on a regular basis, there is no definitive guide for finding good food. But here are some tips that should help you stay fed without breaking the bank.

  1. Visit local forums

There are hundreds of different forums that all have information on them related to just about everything in each area. By visiting these sites regularly, it is easy to keep up with what restaurant has closed down recently and what has opened instead. Many people visit these forums before venturing out for dinner or lunch, so the likelihood is that they will post details of where they visited if they enjoy their meal there.

  1. Check out the different restaurant review sites

There are a number of free and paid-for online resources that can give you an idea of where to eat before you go. The more popular services include Urbanspoon, Tripadvisor, and Zomato. If quite a few people on these sites like or dislike a specific restaurant then it is likely that others will as well as they visit the same places as those who posted on the site.

  1. Ask friends and family for recommendations

Even if people haven’t eaten at a particular restaurant themselves, they will still be able to pass on their knowledge about where they personally know other people who have eaten. This is another good way of finding out which restaurants may offer something unique or simply better food than most other venues, as well as which ones are perhaps less popular due to the poor quality of food or service that they provide.

  1. Look at menus online

Plenty of companies now offer menus online, whether it’s because they want customers to look them over before eating at their restaurant or because they are trying to sell food directly to the consumer. Whatever the reason, menus online will often be an indication of what is being served up in-store. By knowing what is on offer before you visit a certain place, it may help you decide if it’s somewhere you want to eat or not.

  1. Take part in tasting sessions

Many companies that deal with restaurants offer “tasting sessions” where people can try the food first hand and give their opinion afterward on whether it was something that they would recommend or avoid eating. These events are free for anyone to attend and are sometimes held outside normal opening hours so that regular customers don’t feel out of place by turning up at midnight instead of dinnertime.

  1. Find out if there are any special offers available

A lot of restaurants run promotions or have special deals for people to take advantage of, the only catch being that they usually need to be discovered by customers. There is a lot of information online about which places offer what kinds of discounts and vouchers, but not every website will have every single one listed. It’s best to visit a number given website at least once a month or so just in case a new deal has been introduced by one of the businesses that you’ve been considering visiting anyway.

  1. Check when it closes

If you know roughly when venues close but still want to avoid going somewhere when it could potentially be empty, simply check their opening hours before heading out to eat. If a place is open fairly late at night, it’s a good bet that they will be fairly busy in the evening and probably not too empty during lunchtime hours.

  1. Look up menus online

People inevitably end up going out for dinner or lunch from time to time without having researched where they want to go beforehand. In this case, checking restaurant websites can give you some idea of what sort of food is being served before you get there – even if only so you know what to avoid!

  1. Check with the waiter/waitress

Staff in any given restaurant will usually be able to point out which dishes on the menu are most popular and may offer suggestions as well if none of the standard choices particularly take your fancy. If you’re not sure, just ask them to pick something they would recommend and see if it sounds good enough for anyone who is dining with you to want to eat there as well.

  1. Visit places that are likely to be popular nearby

If you live in an area where certain kinds of food are most popular, chances are the restaurants will reflect this also. For example, if most people living near you enjoy Italian cuisine most often then there is a good chance that there will be at least one decent Italian restaurant or takeaway nearby (if not more). You can use this knowledge about what your neighbors like to eat by taking advantage of any sampling sessions that they may run in order to showcase their latest dishes before encouraging friends and family members to try it out for themselves.

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