A Healthy Impact of Big Berkey Water Filter 

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Health practitioners often say that we should consume 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. They also recommended an increase of up to three liters during the hot season. It is because our body needs to stay hydrated all the time. It is an effective way to fight toxins and avoid certain diseases. Unfortunately, we cannot just get water anywhere. We might have to consider having a water filtration system. One of the best filtration systems is the Big Berkey water filter.  For more information on the Big Berkey water filter, visit the official USA Berkey website

 As the population grows, the number of pollutants also increases. These pollutants should not go to water. However, it is quite impossible to prevent it. The only way to avoid drinking contaminated water is buying water that has gone through the purification process. If not, we can avail of a filtration system like a Big Berkey water filter.

 Why choose a filtration system

 There are many filtered or purified water in the market. There are also individual companies selling bulk purified water. Despite this, having a filtration system at home is still beneficial.

 Having a filtration system at home can help you save time. It eliminates the hassle of going to market back and forth. Moreover, a filtration system like a Berkey water filter can contain more water than what we can buy from the market.

 Aside from saving time, we can also help save the environment. Buying bottled water increases waste materials if it is not recycled afterward. In contrast to having a filtration system, there is a reduction in the chance of buying bottled water.

 The Berkey water filter

 The Berkey water filter has a filtration system capable of removing contaminants.  These contaminants include viruses, bacteria, and pharmaceutical chemicals harmful to our bodies. Many consider it as superior to other methods because of its capability of removing over 99% of dimension harm.

Berkey products are all portable. Users suggest that it is best to place it in the kitchen so that monitoring becomes more comfortable. That way, you will immediately know if your Berkey water filter has a refilling need.

  Moreover, its portability enables you to transfer it quickly from one place to another. Users can also bring it with them when they decide to travel for a vacation.

 The system is also durable. If properly and regularly maintained, it can stay longer than you expect. You can call for support if you encounter a problem.

 Another thing that might get user interest is that it can run even without electricity. Therefore, the water flow can also continue if the whole country is experiencing power distress due to disasters or calamities.

 The right Berkey water filter to choose

The Berkey water filter offers different sizes of filtration systems. The most recommended one is the Big Berkey water filter. Even though the name suggests that it is big, it is not too bulky. Thus, you can still enjoy its portability in the future.

 According to the company’s website, families should have four to five members. It contains enough water for many weeks of consumption. Admittedly, it will not leave you thirsty even while traveling.

The downside

 Looking upon the news headlines, there it was stated the Berkey water filter was banned in California as stated from one report, Berkey did not pass the test that the State implemented. However, another source disagreed as it clarified that the State has only different rules to follow. It added that the company should tie-up with an independent agency before they can allow selling their product.

Their opponents and competitors also joined the controversy. They had some speculations that Kat Burki is using artificial materials and, at the same time, making it look decent. Some users have specific complaints. First, they reported that the filters break easily, adding that the system cost is not very high, but the replacement becomes costly. Because of this, their competitors got more speculation that Berkey it’s a scam.

 Despite the negative feedback, the Berkey water filter stays for many decades. Until now, people considered it as one of the best filtration systems.

 The company also enhances the system. Because of that, it can treat raw waters from many sources. They also claim that they can filter more chemicals that cannot be done by other companies.

 Found from their website are positive reviews regarding their product. Apart from that, a Big Berkey water filter is part of a list in Amazon as a best-selling product. There are also lots of comprehensive reports on the internet stating their positive experience.

 Upon weighing its pros and cons, it is evident that there are more considerable advantages over disadvantages. Besides, negative speculations can never be correct if not proven. Users will admittedly post negative reviews if they have a terrible experience and probably stop using it.

It might sound risky to try a filtration system that has speculation as fake and scam. But nothing can be the threat of the contaminated water. If the 99.9% removal of chemicals is not accurate, it still probably removes significant harmful substances. Otherwise, Mickey Berkey, water filter users, puts their lives at risk.

 Berkey water filter maintenance 

 Any products of Berkey water filters have to be maintained. The least regular maintenance a user can do is every six months. If not maintained, users might experience changes in water flow. Of course, anytime you experience a slow water flow, it is an indication that your system has to be clean.

 Also, big Berkey water filters have a refilling need regularly. It recommends that you wait for it to be empty. A failure of refilling might also cause slowness in water flow.

 Likely, some precautionary measures are vital if you decide to bring it with you during a vacation. You can remove the filters but secure it with a soft cloth—security more by not exposing it from the heat.


 Water is one of our basic needs. Around 60% of our body is fluid. These fluids help us fight against toxic chemicals. However, it does not mean that we should not be selective with the water we consume.

 A Big Berkey water filter is offering us risk-free water to drink. Other than 99.9% removal of chemicals, other benefits include portability.

There are negative speculations, but positive reviews weigh more. With a low-cost price, you can have high-quality water. There are no worries about water-related diseases. The Big Berkey water filter offers the safest water.