Acrylic Paintings or Oil Paintings – The Beauty of Both the Painting Types

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Art is a way of expressing inner desire, thoughts, etc., and other such expressions that an artist buries deeper in the mind and brings out on a canvas with the help of some colours. They are available in different kinds and the most preferred ones are oil and acrylic paints. The best type of art is something that comes from the studio of a dedicated artist. 

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Oil paints vs. acrylics 

Acrylic painting and oil painting are the two of the most preferred and also the most famous paints that are used by artists from centuries ago. Even though they produce similar results on a canvas, when stroked systematically, something in the paints makes the arts look different from one another. 

Oil painting When you look through the ancient art dating back to the time when the idea of art came into existence, you will notice that oil paintings were the most preferred source of bringing out a life in the brush strokes. You can find oil painting as the most preferred form of art of almost all famous painters that have flourished for centuries till date. 

Oil paints are prepared by adding pigments from different sources in the walnut or linseed oil. Oil does not allow light to pass through them, and this factor makes the oil paintings get a glossy finishing. The film-like layer that forms above the paintings is because of the polymerization and oxidation of the paints when they dry. Hence, the addition of an extra layer is not supported in the finished oil paintings collection

  • Acrylic painting 

Acrylic paints will be diluted in water to prepare the required paints for the arts. These paints can dry quickly and also can be applied faster on any surface. However, they are not water-proof and the paintings can be damaged because of the accidental spilling of water or any other such liquid on them. 

Acrylic paints are dyes that are produced with the help of acrylic acid and are used in Lucite and Plexiglas. Their quick-drying ability makes them the best choice for painting because they do not leave behind any stain, even when the painted area is accidentally disturbed. 

Differences between acrylic and oil paints 

  • Acrylic paints are water-based, whereas oil paints are made from oil. 
  • Oil paints dry more slowly than acrylic paint. 
  • Acrylic paints can be thinned and brushed easily on any surface, whereas oil paints require more time to blend with the surface where they are painted. 

The art galleries prefer exhibiting both acrylic and oil paintings for sale, as they let the interested buyers choose the painting of their choice. Both the paintings have their set of pros and cons. However, this doesn’t diminish the beauty of these painting types.