Alex Mendieta Helping Charities

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Alejandro (Alex) Mendieta has been known as one of the most well-known yet controversial public speakers of his time. His sense of truth and delivery of speech has made him gain many followers around the world. He has been hugely popular because of his nonchalant attitude and his dedication to truth and reality. While he has been extremely popular until 2016, he has not given a speech after that year.

One of the most remarkable reasons why he gave up on his career of public speaking can be summed up from an excerpt of his speech itself: “I’ve come to realize, there is no point me teaching other what I do, I am just creating my future competitors.” In a recent interview with Men’s Health magazine, Mendietahas confirmed that he would return to his life as a public speaker and be donating all of his fees to charity.

His Charitable Ways


Alex Mendieta had donated all his money to charitable organisations between the years 2013 to 2016. Whatever he used from his public speaking Ventures what donated to charity to help those in desperate need. He already has two self-funded charities that are doing great work for the community itself. The charities were started in 2016, right after he gave up on his public speaking career. Many anticipate that the reason that he wants to restart his public speaking career is to make money in order to fund the charities.

The main charity of the two is the “Give a child a bike,” with the help of which he has donated more than 500 bikes to distressed kids all over Vietnam. This has helped them to attend school regularly without having to walk for hours. The other charitable organization funded by him is known as the “Alex Mendieta Scholarship,” which helps numerous international students advance their University studies in various disciplines.

His way of thinking


The way his mind works is truly a work of wonder. He has always had an extremely poignant way to get his points of view across to those interested. He has always maintained that “political correctness is nothing but lack of self-esteem, the world is becoming hypocrite at a disturbing rate, those who fight for people’s rights are the ones taking our rights from us.” For this reason, Alex has never shied away from sharing his opinions, even if it hurts others’ sentiments.

Alex believes that there is not enough room for freedom of expression regarding anything against the leftist view of socialism, or else one gets condemned. He has provided several opinions such as “our society is weak and embarrassing, we have now given all of the power to irrelevant minorities and for what? All they do is leech off the government, a complaint about bloody everything, and they don’t even pay any taxessponge politicians to need to grow some balls and make their decisions again based on the majorities and stop trying to please all those useless good for nothing minorities.” While his words become breeding grounds of controversy, there is a certain element of truth and knowledge that is undeniably raw and passionate.