All On Four is Dental Technology at its Finest

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Missing many teeth may plunge you into stress and loss of confidence. Apart from the frustrations, it may also contribute to many other dental problems that may affect your overall health. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to take steps to replace your missing teeth to maintain your oral health and quality of life. 

Though dentures have been the proven solution for missing teeth for quite some time, they’re not very comfortable. Fortunately, technological advancement in dental science has resulted in the development of a better solution that’s more comfortable and may give you confidence. If you’ve been reading more on dental implants, you may have come across it. It’s known as All-on-4. 

Read on to know why it’s the best dental technology. 

What’s All on Four Dental Technology?

All on four involves all teeth on four dental implants. It’s a combination of different dental techniques and technology to give you a more secure teeth-replacement method.  Using this method may give you more stable teeth than that which you’d get if you used traditional methods such as denture adhesives or natural suction. 

This system uses fixed dental implants embedded on patients’ jaws to provide a stable platform for holding replaced teeth in place. The implants used in this treatment method are different from those of regular dental implants. Their implants have a top that has a specialized cap-shaped tip. A connection is made between the jaw and artificial teeth through this implant. 

Pros of Using All On Four Implants


  • Minimizes The Effects of Bone Loss and Degradation


One of the adverse effects you may get from losing a tooth is bone degradation. All on  four helps to reduce this effect because all the four implants are affixed into the jawbone to act as roots for the artificial teeth. The pressure exerted into the jaw bone is similar to that of natural teeth. This helps to retain the mass of the bones and gives strength to that area. All on four may also help you if you’ve lost some bones in your jaw. 


  • Boosts Self-confidence


If you undergo this type of treatment, you’ll end up with a set of teeth that look very natural in your mouth. Apart from that, your teeth will be connected firmly and comfortably, enabling you to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks. With the knowledge that your teeth are firmly secured in their position, you may develop confidence because you’ll not have to worry about loose dentures that may embarrass you. 


  • Easy To Clean


Cleaning your all on four teeth is similar to caring for other teeth. You need to floss, brush, rinse, and go for dental checkups if you want to maintain their health. Unlike other traditional styles of dentures, this system doesn’t require additional and costly adhesives. The result: you get to save your hassle, money, and time in the long run. 

The Bottom-line

If you’ve lost your teeth, you need to seek treatment to avoid developing other conditions. Using the all on four method of teeth replacement may help you avoid such situations. This method may give you benefits that many other traditional methods may not.