An Answer to How to Find High Authority Expired Domains with Traffic

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If you are in search of large traffic on your website then it is very essential to find high authority expired domains that can help in driving maximum traffic. The question now may arise that how to find high authority expired domains with traffic as to how to find high authority expired domains with traffic. If all the steps through this process are followed properly then there will be absolutely no trouble in getting a fair share of traffic on your website.

One way you can get traffic on your website is by placing it on the first page of search engines like Google or preferably at the higher portion of the first page. This is a sure-shot way to engage maximum people. 

It is extremely essential to know how to find expired domains with high authority with traffic. The first step is to go to the expired domain site that is and create an account on it for free of cost! Once the account here is created, you have to then click on the ‘Column Manager’ tab, after which you open the ‘Majestic General’ dropdown menu. You will have to tick a few boxes that include CF- Majestic Citation Flow, TF- Majestic Trust Flow, and TR- Trust Ratio. After ticking the checkboxes, click on the ‘save changes’, and then ‘deleted domains’ needs to be selected. This will help you get the domains that have the most desirable SEO metrics.

The answer to how to find expired domains with high authority with traffic has a few more steps attached to it! It is important to drill down further to find more targeted domains. We can achieve this by clicking on ‘show filter’ to reveal the filter settings followed by which for the ‘Majestic’ tab, insert ’10’ to get the ‘Trust Flow’ value. It is possible to place a higher value as well but is only going to narrow the scope of choosing domains even further. It is going to remove all the lower authority domains that will prove to be super useful and time-saving.

After this, go to ‘additional tab’ and from there, move to the ‘original gTLD’ box and start ticking the boxes off. Tick com, net, org, biz, info but you can even tick more in case you want to work with more domains. After you are through with this, go to the ‘common’ tab and press the ‘only available domains’ box. Then go to the ‘domain name whitelist’, and in the ‘contains’ box, enter a keyword. You have to be careful while filling in the keywords as they play an important role in boosting your results. Obviously, when you enter a keyword, it has to be according to your market requirement. It should be such a keyword that is common and broadly used. If you opt for a lengthy keyword, it is going to remove too many domains. So, think wisely when you on this step!