Animation: One of the Most Rewarding Careers in Contemporary Times

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A career in animation is undoubtedly very rewarding, and the unexpected boom in the current animation industry has created countless job opportunities in this creative profession. The animation industry is growing very fast and is considered to be one of the most exciting industries in the global markets. Animation is an art in which animators put life into cartoon characters. In the Latin language, the word animation stands for “soul”.

Many of you have grown up enjoying your favorite cartoon characters on television like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry, etc. All these world-famous characters are the creative result of animation. The job of an animator requires a high level of creativity and technical knowledge of computers. An animator’s job does not involve any monotonous routine as it requires lots of innovation, sharp imagination and great artistic taste. All animated characters and cartoons are different from each other, and this makes an animator’s job very challenging and interesting as well.

To excel in this demanding profession, it is necessary to do an animation course from an institution of repute. Students residing in North India can enroll themselves for the following institutes to do animation course-

  • Animation Institute in Jaipur
  • South Delhi Polytechnic for Women
  • School of Art and Animation New-Delhi
  • Arena Animation Institute New- Delhi
  • Jamia Millia Islamia New- Delhi

Above mentioned are the most renowned names in the field of msc graphics and animation colleges in Jaipur. To acquire detailed information you can log in to their respective websites.

There are a large number of lucrative career options available for competent animators in the industry. You may find great opportunities in TV channels, Bollywood, Advertising Agencies, Web Design and Development Companies and Sales and Marketing Firms offering jobs in 3D animation. Apart from it, today even the defense, medical and IT industry also hire good animators for their web promotion activities.

You can opt for a degree or diploma course in animation from a government recognized or private institute. Most of the renowned government colleges of animation conduct an entrance test every year to select the candidates for their degree or PG level program. The would-be animators must be good at sketching and drawing. Today, both Hindi and English movie producers are making use of animation technology in their film production work. They hire an entire team of competent animators who deliver excellence in their work. These professionals are paid a robust amount for their work in the film. Besides this, cartoon films have also been in popular demand among children, giving rise to an abundance of scope for animators within the industry.

There are msc graphics and animation colleges in Jaipur which have earned a formidable reputation for conducting animation courses with global quality parameters. The individuals who have a passion for this highly creative and rewarding field can opt for an entrance examination that takes place once in a year either in May or June. You need to perform excellently well in this examination to get selected in these colleges in Jaipur.