Are Antiques Guns Worth Anything?

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Do you have an antique gun you want to sell? Do you want to sell it at a gun auction site or at a retail store? You might be wondering, where do I start this journey, or how do I know how much my gun is worth? An antique gun is a gun dated 1899 and prior. The worth of an antique gun depends on its rarity, historical significance, and craftmanship. Below are some tips to help you determine the worth of your antique gun.


The rarer a firearm is, the more valuable it will be. As we know from the law of supply and demand, a low supply creates a high demand. Thus, a rare antique firearm will command a high price. But how do you know if your firearm is rare? You need to have some background information about the firearm or work with a professional appraiser to help you.

Historical Value

What is the story behind the firearm? Did a notable figure own it, or did it fight in a particular significant war in history? Historical significance plays a very crucial part in determining the value of an antique firearm. A firearm that can be traced back to a notable individual can be more valuable than one that does not have any historical significance. To know the historical value of a firearm, you need to have a background story on how it was acquired. This can help in valuing the gun.


The condition of a firearm greatly determines its value. Despite the rarity of a firearm, if it is in poor condition, it will sell at a lower price.  Antique guns with chips or specific elements removed will be less worthy than an antique gun with no damage. So, the condition of an antique firearm influences how much you sell it.

Make and Model

This is a major thing you should consider when assessing a firearm’s value. This is because collectors pay close attention to the make and model of a firearm. Firearms from specific makers or models are more valuable than other models. For example, firearms and models from Winchester, Luger, Smith, and Wesson are more valuable than any other model. Thus, if you sell a firearm, you need to know its make and model.

However, it is essential to consult with a professional appraiser or a firearm expert to get a more accurate estimate of the firearm. Alternatively, you can upload a photo of your firearm to a gun auction site like Blackwell Auctions and get a realistic market estimate.

In summary, the value of your antique firearm will depend on its rarity, historical significance, condition, and make. The price of your firearm can also depend on market conditions, trends, and the overall economy. Do you have an antique firearm you want to liquidate or sell? Blackwell Auctions is an antique items auction house, and they are looking for antique, vintage guns to buy. They offer realistic market estimates and have competitive commissions. Visit for more information about selling your firearms.