Australian Businesses Bouncing Back From Coronavirus

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The outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic has led to major disruptions in the global economy. The negative effects have since led to job losses and financial struggles. Worse still, businesses in most parts of Australia have closed down, and the financial strain could even be worse in the coming days. However, with most businesses experiencing bankruptcy, some are now reopening to brace the challenges.

Here are some of the Australian businesses that are bouncing back:

  1. Dental health facilities

The health sector has been the worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia. Doctors and other health works have been burdened with escalating numbers of positive patients. Most have been forced to work for longer hours to attend to the overwhelming number of patients in the hospitals. Most of the private dental clinics had been closed to curb the spread, while others were only offering online services. Luckily, most have now reopened, and dentists and orthodontists are operating more fully again.

  1. Banks

The initial phase of the Covid-19 saw a loss of almost all major banks in Australia. But, many are now opening and offering services to fewer customers. For instance, the Reserve Bank of Australia is, by all means trying to curb the financial meltdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It has recorded substantial growth this year; this can be attributed to the rise in the housing market as well as the stock market.

  1. Hotels&Recreational facilities

With the calls for social distancing, operating an eatery has been a change. Most restaurants closed down, and those that remained open could only offer take away services. The hotel industry is now bouncing back, but with tight restrictions, though. Clients and staff are expected to sanitize and keep a social distance. Moreover, only a limited number of clients are allowed in at the same time.

  1. Fashion stores

The origin of Covid-19 led to a massive closure of many fashion stores in Australia. Workers haven’t been spared either-ofcourse you expect job losses and loss of income. With many staying at home, fashion has not been a priority anymore. However, businesses are now resuming, and there’s arenewed passion for SEO and digital marketing to help boost sales and recover from huge losses.

  1. Public transport

The Covid-19 pandemic hit most sectors of Australia’s economy, and the transport sector wasn’t spared either. With the government putting stringent measures on people’s movement, the transport sector almost crashed. And many were forced to stay at home to curb the spread of the virus.

With people not moving to work, places of worship, or recreational places, the sector came to a standstill. But, it’s slowly crawling back, with some companies are now opening up. However, travelers are forced to keep distance in public vehicles, and this translates to higher costs f travel.

 The bottom line

The effects of the Covid-19 on the economy have been felt worldwide, and Australia has been hit the worst. Although the initial phase of the pandemic led to the closure of most businesses, some are now reopening. And who knows? Things may start getting better, and the county may recover from the adverse economic effects of the pandemic.