AWS Spot Instance – Be Spot ready

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Invention comes in many forms and at many scales. But they are more powerful when they empower others to grow! EC2 instances are some of these types of inventions. EC2 abbreviation of Elastic Computing Cloud, it is a service that allows different business subscribers to run their application program in the computing environment. An EC2 instance is a virtual server in Amazon’s Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) that hosts many applications on the Amazon Web services (AWS) infrastructure.

What is a Spot instance?

The Describe Spot Instance Requests API can be used to find whether an instance is a Spot instance or not. The author company console that is the AWS management console prepares a detailed billing report which gives you all details about spot instance start and termination time.

A spot instance is an idle EC2 instance that can be available for less than the on-demand price. A spot instance allows you to request unused EC2 instances at a highly reduced rate that results in a significant cost saving of Amazon EC2. They can reduce your EC2 cost by up to 90%.

The majority of organizations suffer tremendous workloads, be it mission-critical and some are non-important. With the AWS Spot instance service, we can reduce the cost of those less-important workloads. AWS allocates the unused computing resources rather than keeping them idle to run normal EC2 instances at a low rate. Here, spot instances will be stopped if these resources are needed anywhere. So, AWS Spot instances are the perfect fit for non-critical workloads as they can be interrupted.

How AWS Spot instance can be initiated?

To use AWS Spot Instance, you should just tell AWS how much you are willing to pay per hour for those resources. Once allocated, your Spot instance will run until the credited price or exceeds the agreed-upon price. Subscribers of AWS Spot instance can also stop or terminate the service by themselves.

For requesting Spot instance, follow the following steps:

  • Go to AWS console-> EC2 dashboard.
  • Locate Instance section-> Spot Request-> Request Spot Instance.
  • You will get the option of placing a one-time spot request or spot block.
  • Specify your maximum price (per instance, per hour)

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What are the factors that influence the organizations to go for AWS Spot Instance?

AWS Spot instance has overcome the drawbacks of on-demand and reserved instances and come up with a new billing model that is efficient and smart. If you are thinking about going for an AWS Spot instance, add the following benefits in your mind:

Scalability and Flexibility

You can avail of the benefit of scalability features by taking just a part of your workload to the cloud. Also, it is the best option for applications whose load capacity is not specifically known. You can avoid the commitment and overhead with dedicated instances.


The biggest advantage of using AWS Spot instance is saving server costs. AWS Spot instance make use of spare capacity in the AWS Cloud and run your less important workloads at a very considerable saving.

Amazon has offered a world-changing service with AWS Spot instance that comes with flexibility and cost-saving feature. It can be ideal for start-ups as well as big organizations.


Spot instance is another financial model for your EC2 workloads. Spot instances are the best fit for non-time-sensitive batch jobs. So, if you are dealing with media encoding, data analysis, or big data applications, be Spot ready with AWS Spot Instance!