COVID-19: Incarcerated People Behind Bars After Making Bail  

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New cases are being reported about the COVID-19 outbreak. There Are people in jails who remain behind bars even after they’ve made bail. Are you searching for a reliable and low cost bail bonds merchant account? Do you need more information concerning this new situation? If yes, don’t look any further.

COVID-19 Virus & People in Jails

Prisons and jails are places where infectious diseases, including COVID-19, can easily spread. Inside the jails, social distancing and other norms that can prevent the spread of diseases can’t be kept the way they’re being kept outside. There’re lots of people in jails and prisons who suffer from chronic diseases and have complex medical needs. All these people can catch viruses more easily.

In addition, these are overcrowded places without proper ventilation and proper access to care. Many prisoners lack a good health condition and suffer from chronic health conditions. These usually include high blood pressure, asthma, cancer, tuberculosis, hepatitis C, and HIV. These are the very causes of their vulnerability. 

As of June 24th, the New Mexico Corrections Department announced that because of the coronavirus, they’ve released 71 people from state prisons early. On June 16th, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) announced that prisoners with “non-violent” offenses in state prisons who have less than 180 days left on their sentence are subject to supervised release beginning July 1st.

People Remaining Behind Bars: Bail Bonds Merchant Account

According to attorneys, public officials in charge of electronic monitoring aren’t releasing some incarcerated people even though they should have been released.

This is a new situation, and bail bonds businesses are faced with a new reality. Thus, it’s critical for merchants in the field work only with a reputable payments specialist that can help you navigate these challenging times with ease. Thanks to a true payment processing expert in the high risk field, you can get fast and easy access to the necessary merchant services, including a bail bonds merchant account.

Let’s look at one of the cases. E.g., Ideare is among the 5 Dallas County inmates with COVID-19 who’s been incarcerated but was kept in jail long after he made bail. All of the 5 cases showed that public officials refused to touch the inmates.

As you see, COVID-19 is spreading in jails. The virus makes people stay in jail even after they’ve made the bail. No one wants to touch them. There’re judges who require electronic monitoring. Some specialists believe they’re making the situation more complicated. When it comes to bail bonds merchants, the situation isn’t simple for them either. So, it’s too important to work only with reliable and experienced merchant services providers in your field

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