Barbershop For All

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This barbershop in Brooklyn gives a professional look to its customers. Knowing various trends and cuts, they do not fail to mark an impression in any new customer coming to them! They always brief the customer about the style or cut before they begin with their magic wands. They also give their suggestions to the respective client.

This barbershop has professionals who have been recognized with awards in different competitions and never leave you disappointed with their work. So, it attracts a lot of people to the barbershop! Most of their visitors are from the entertainment industry, business experts, and people from different backgrounds who are quite conscious about their looks and like to keep themselves updated with the trend.

About The Owners

This was started by two friends; one of them learned the art of hair-cutting from his father’s barbershop, where he used to clean all the stuff and watch him cut people’s hair. The other one is specialized in women’s hair, and he is very particular about how one feels when they look themselves in the mirror. He also believes in the process of reaching the state of excellence, and he loves chasing that! They both prove to be experts in their skill with the kind of look to their customers. There’s a stylist who joins them! He is quite creative, artistic, and highly skilled and has been a part of the beauty industry for a decade and is working for various production houses.

All the three working in this barbershop in Brooklyn love their jobs and go out of their way to deal with the challenges and excel in them, also come out with something new! This keeps them motivated to do their work even better.


This barbershop in Brooklyn gives services to all age groups, regardless of what gender the customer is! They have all the facilities from haircuts, trimming, bridal grooming, shaves, hair treatment, highlights, etc. The best thing about this barbershop is that they have trained staff who know about their field and understand the customer’s requirements. This gives the customer a friendly environment where they have interactions, understand their demands, and that also acts as a drawing factor for them.

Situated in a location like Brooklyn, it offers great facilities as a salon and proves one of the best places for trendsetters.  This barbershop in Brooklyn must be in the places to visit in Brooklyn for once!


Address:  809 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States