BBQs 2 u Recent Sales offer Has Dried Out their Available Stock of Barbecue Grillers

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With the increasing demand for barbecue pellet grillers during pandemic, BBQs 2 u has reached the top in the barbecue category on various review-based sites. BBQs 2 u is a family-owned business run by some passionate barbecue lovers. The company is always in demand due to some dedicated lovers and buyers of barbecues grillers. Most companies were short of supply during pandemic, but BBQs 2 u always kept their stock loaded with the latest models and accessories for barbecue. 

A recent video posted on their Facebook account, informing about the new stock of Kamado Joe arriving at their warehouse. They know exactly what makes British citizens excited – grill and chilled beer. Summertime is all about getting together and enjoying the company of friends and family over the huge pellet griller of Kamado Joe. 

They have 500+ followers on Instagram and 1000+ followers on Twitter. Their loyal customers are always appreciating BBQs 2 u’s hard work and dedication. “I am pleased with my Kamado Joe, price, and delivery. I placed my order on Friday and it was shipped on Monday without delay. The shipping cost is quite reasonable compared to the box size.” wrote a customer on Review Centre.

Their Facebook account is flooded with queries and comments making them the most trusted retailer in the UK. BBQs 2 u is one of the leading barbecue retailers selling the entire range of Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and Masterbuilt barbecue grills. Recently, they have added the Kamado Joe table to their stock which has increased their sales. 

Their Black Friday Sales started on 27th November 2020, were a hit. So they came up with new discounts to keep their loyal customers happy. Recently they have announced the Kamado Joe BBQ Sale on their website which has increased traffic enough to dry out their stock. The world-famous ceramic grill is filled with latest technology and workmanship within unique red colour barbecues. It is the best quality with a thick wall, heat resistant ceramic shell. 

The Kamado Joe Classic series is a perfect fit for backyard grilling and smoking. With their Kamado Joe Classic sale, people can get their hands on the Kamdo Joe Classic II and Classic III. The innovation is packed with new features. Classic III is packed with SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber inside. 

In their Kamado Joe Big Joe Sale, customers can explore a huge stock of the Kamado Joe Big Joe II, Big Joe III. Their gifts concept on Kamado Joe Big Joe made the product out of stock. Grill cover, lump wood charcoal, half-moon cast iron reversible griddle, and Flamers natural firelighters may seem small items, but with huge popularity and trust, customers were eager to buy them. 

The owner of BBQs 2 u is passionate about barbecue and so are British citizens. Whether it is hot summers or snowy winters, BBQs 2 u has huge product range for indoor and outdoor grilling and smoking. Check their Facebook account or Pinterest page for the new stock of Kamado Joe griller and accessories.