Benefits Of Applying For The White Card Course in NSW

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Everyone working in the construction business must complete the General Construction Induction Training Course, generally known as the White Card training. ZOOM sessions are used to offer this course (SafeWork NSW approved). Please consider making a reservation at White Card NSW if you want to participate in a face-to-face session.


Consider a white card as a licence that enables you to perform a construction-related activity. For those looking for employment prospects in the Australian construction sector, a white card is a must. The rule is straightforward: Obtain a white card if you wish to work in the construction sector.


The following significant topics are covered in our Melbourne white card course:

  • The Melbourne-based white card course offered by Edway Training will cover all applicable health and safety regulations for the construction industry. The many tasks and responsibilities on building sites will be clear to you.
  • Our white card course in Melbourne will highlight various building risks and risk management techniques. This involves using PPE equipment properly (safety glasses, hard hat, ear protection, and high visibility vest.)
  • By enrolling in our white card course in Melbourne, you can learn about the reporting and communication procedures for health and safety in the Australian construction business. This involves familiarising myself with different safety signage and understanding how to report a hazard or accident on the job site.
  • Our Melbourne white card course will cover the procedures for responding to incidents and emergencies. This covers workplace first aid and fire safety protocols.

Information about the White Card Course General Construction Induction Training is necessary for the following:

  • any anybody who performs construction work, including site managers, supervisors, surveyors, and labourers
  • Workers and craftspeople who enter active construction zones unattended or without being properly supervised by a trained individual
  • all those whose jobs require them to enter active construction zones frequently.
  • Let’s say someone leaves the field for two years in a row. SafeWork NSW advises retaking the course in that situation to be compliant and have the most recent safety knowledge available because it has expired.
  • Contact SafeWork NSW at 13 10 50 or submit an online replacement request to acquire a replacement for a lost or stolen white card.
  • This course replaces Work Safely in the Construction Industry and is equivalent to it. Statements of Attainment given under a new unit of competency are accepted by SafeWork NSW.

Online white card purchase in Melbourne? Not to worry. We provide engaging, high-quality online learning for students.