Benefits of Having a Steam Shower and the Need for a Berkey Shower Filter 

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You need to make it a habit to get a steam shower each day. It could benefit you in many ways. If you don’t have one yet, you need to install it. You should also get the Berkey shower filter to guarantee the cleanliness of the water coming out of the shower. These are the other reasons for taking a regular steam bath.  For more information on Berkey shower filters, visit the official USA Berkey website.

Your circulation will be improved

When you have a steam shower, your temperature will increase slightly. It means a lot for the increased blood flow in various parts of your body. Heat widens the blood vessels. It also reduces vascular resistance. Proper blood flow is crucial to your health, and a steam shower helps a lot.

You need it for quick recovery

When you go to the gym to lift weights, you intentionally tear your muscles. As they recover, they become bigger. Hence, you will have more defined muscles if you constantly lift weights. The only problem is that the repair process could be painful. A steam shower helps alleviate pain. You will avoid feeling sore and fatigue. The increase in blood flow also relieves you from sore muscles. It’s the reason why most athletes immediately take a hot shower after rigorous physical activity.

You want to prevent joint pain 

With physical activities, the tension in your joints increases. They will only relax if you start to stretch. Hot water also aids in making them feel relaxed. After doing physical activity, you need to stretch first. Upon reaching home, you can continue by having a steam shower.

It’s the same effect as sweating

Sweating is good for your body. It allows you to release toxins. You only sweat when you exercise or if it’s too hot. If you don’t have time to exercise, the best alternative to sweat is taking a steam bath. The warm air helps open pores in your body. It aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. It allows your skin to breathe and your body starts to cool down. Bodily functions will be stabilized as a result. Doing it often will benefit your body. After taking a hot shower, you will feel energized.

It aids in fighting colds

When you have colds, your nose is clogged. The Steam helps loosen the mucus building in your nose. It eases sinus congestion and allows you to breathe properly. Even if you just stand next to the steam, it’s enough to relieve yourself from congestion.

It’s crucial in your efforts to lose weight

Steam helps burn calories and eventually lose weight. The presence of steam helps in increasing your pulse rate. It also stimulates the cardiovascular system and eventually boosts your metabolism. Just remember that it’s not an integral part of your weight loss plan, but it helps.

You can be relieved from stress

The shower room is probably the only place where you don’t have to deal with many people. You can be alone and no one will disturb you. At work, you have no choice but to face a lot of people. At home, you need to spend time with your children. Taking a steam bath is your opportunity to relax and get stress relief. You can plan how to deal with your problems while you’re alone. You can also release your emotions without fear of being judged. If you don’t hurry to work, you can stay in the bathroom as long as you want. You don’t get this opportunity often since you have to rush when bathing. Otherwise, you will be late for work. You don’t even need a spa membership since a steam shower is good enough.

Your skin will look better

Steam bath keeps your skin hydrated. You need it so your skin will be clear and glowing. If you do it regularly, you can expect your skin to look firm and young. Even if you regularly put on makeup, your skin will still look great. For men, shaving right after a steam bath helps smoothen the skin. You won’t suffer from cuts and bruises as a result of the razor use.

You will have a sounder sleep

The increase in body temperature is necessary for you to feel relaxed before going to bed. Therefore, it’s advised that you take a hot bath at least an hour before sleeping. Once you go to bed and feel the cold air from the air conditioner, you will feel more relaxed. You can sleep right away and be in a good mood the next day. If you have sleeping issues, a steam shower could help relieve them.

You can kill bacteria

Given the current pandemic faced by the world, staying clean is crucial. It’s not enough to just wash your hands. You need to do it for at least twenty seconds with the help of soap. You should also avoid touching surfaces. When bathing, the hot water helps in killing bacteria found in your body. You will be cleaner right after bathing.

Invest in a quality bathroom 

You spend money on many things, but you forget to invest in your bathroom. Improving the bathroom helps in making you feel better. If you don’t have a steam shower yet, you need it. You should also install a shower filter to improve water quality and guarantee cleanliness.

Your bathing time is necessary for you to feel relaxed. Even if you have to spend a lot to improve your bathroom, it’s worth it. Besides, if you intend to sell your house in the future, these bathroom accessories can boost the value of your house. You can easily sell it.

Final thoughts

You’re lucky if you have sufficient water to bathe. You can relax whenever you want. Some people don’t even have access to clean water. They couldn’t stay hygienic due to the lack of access. Even if you need to bathe longer and relax in the bathroom, you should also consider water conservation. Avoid wasting water. Turn it off for a while if you’re soaping. You can turn it on again when you have to rinse your body.