Benefits of Printing Photos

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We take hundreds of photos of anything (selfies, sunsets, what we eat, etc.), and after we edit them with pro plugin ps, we share them on social networks (Facebook and Instagram in the first place), or sometimes we keep them in the archive of the phone. And we don’t realize that in this way, we sooner or later risk losing all our photographs. They could steal our phone, a hard disk could break, and in general, in the future, the devices where we currently keep the photos may no longer be readable. In fact, as hardware, software and operating systems are updated, the images saved in them risk becoming inaccessible to those who want to look at them in the future. For this reason, it is imperative to print the photographs we care about.

Here are some considerations on the importance of the printed photo.

For Historical References

If you care about a photo, print it, In the centuries to come, historians who will look back on our era may find themselves facing a digital desert comparable to the Middle Ages, a period of which relatively little will be known due to the scarcity of written documents. We are throwing all our data (texts, photographs, videos that talk about our lives, but also legal documents, testimonies) into what is likely to become an information black hole. In the centuries to come, those who ask questions about us will face enormous difficulties, since most of what we leave behind may be only uninterpretable bits

It Serves as Proof

A photo is a real story: of a face, of existence, of a memory. Even today, photography has the task of leaving a tangible trace, which remains and which can and must be found and recovered. But for this to happen, the photos must be printed. It is not enough that a photograph is kept in a digital archive or, worse still, that one limits oneself to posting it somewhere on the net.: