Benefits of Using Resin Flooring

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Are you thinking of using resin flooring? When considering laying a layer on a concrete floor or any other hard surface, preparation is the key to a successful job. This is especially true for an industrial floor. There are several steps that must be followed when preparing a garage floor and some of these steps may be the same for other applications too.

Most people will use a standard rubber or plastic flooring option when thinking about how to lay a garage floor but epoxy resin floors have several unique benefits that make them a superior option. Resin flooring offers an extremely long-lasting, strong, safe, and durable flooring solution for almost all industrial uses, from pharmaceuticals and food production to automotive assembly lines and more. The three major types of resin flooring are PMMA (polyurethane), polyurethane/foam, and epoxy resin. Depending on the application, one of these floor types may be a better choice than others.

The biggest benefit of epoxy floors is that they are more flexible. Because of the resin’s ability to stretch and conform, they can be fitted into small and tight places where rigid concrete or other flooring options may not be practical. For example, an auto-body shop may need to install a concrete floor, but due to other circumstances such as poor site conditions or weathering, they cannot install it without extra protection. With epoxy floors, they simply lay this added magical layer over the concrete. It is that easy and the resulting product are often as clean and durable as any other type of coating.

Another benefit of resin flooring systems is that they provide a great deal of efficiency. Since the product is able to break down the bonds between the particles of the material it creates, it reduces the amount of glue or other materials needed for stronger, longer-lasting adhesives. This allows the system to be installed without marring surrounding surfaces. In addition, this method of installation minimizes the time required for the repair and cleaning of the work area.

The third main benefit is that epoxy floor coating systems do have the potential to be extremely durable and strong. Unlike some other systems, they are not susceptible to abrasion or compressive cracking. The coating stays put and the particles it creates stay together with an almost unbreakable consistency. Additionally, when properly maintained, these epoxy floor coatings do not attract or harbour harmful airborne pollutants. Instead, they remain virtually odourless and free of dust.

Overall, epoxy flooring systems are an excellent flooring option for garages, industrial, and commercial applications. They are very strong, can withstand a tremendous amount of force, are non-abrasive, and can resist chemicals and other pollutants. Furthermore, they require very little maintenance once they are in place. Epoxy flooring systems can offer a basement an attractive, non-slip surface and a durable, long-lasting finish.