Best email closings: calling things by their proper names and earning the trust of the potential customer

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One of the very important points in the text of the email, which may be overlooked by the authors of the message, are the final deadlines. And verbally – the data about the position and qualifications of the one who signs the proposal to the company. We’ll talk a little later about the desirability of such a final signature under the message. You can read more about how to write the last lines of the commercial offer letter and what not to miss in the letter at

And we’ll come back to the stated topic. First, let’s talk about why it is important to specify the exact position of the author and how this will make the potential customer trust you.

Name the position of the author of the letter: professionalism

Of course, everyone understands that the text of the engagement letter is not the CEO, the head of sales or the head of marketing. This is something that is done by professionals. But the best variant is to read or at least draft such letters in coordination with the company’s management.

If it doesn’t work out that way, it’s better not to name the owner or the top manager as the author and not to sign the message with his name. In that case, it is better to identify the actual creator of the message with his or her title:

  • marketing manager;
  • specialist of the sales department;
  • consultant on work with clients.

Moreover, it is important to specify the exact level of the specialist or manager – an ordinary specialist, head of department, or assistant to the chief of the company. This will create a trusting background for communication. The recipient will be imbued with reciprocal empathy because he will be sure – he was told the truth, and therefore intend to talk seriously, without exaggeration.

Expert level – professor, doctor? This is also important!

In some cases, it makes sense to specify the level of education of the specialist, too. Especially if we are talking about a line of service or production, where it is important.

For example, an indication of a high degree will emphasize the professionalism of the company that has delegated its representation to such a specialist. It will also indicate that all important communications are handled by a person with a high level of knowledge and experience. First, it is important:

  • in medicine and pharmacology;
  • research projects that offer a specific result in the form of a product;
  • business investments;
  • technology startups, and so on.

Such data not only increases trust, but also guarantees the safety of assets and the rationality of investments.

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