Best Features Your PDF Editor Must Have

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PDFs have become the go-to tool for everyone- be it a student or an office employee. With the ever-increasing use of PDFs comes the need for PDF editors. Editing a PDF can be very monotonous and cumbersome. That’s where the PDF editors step in.

There are plenty of PDF editors out there, but choosing the right one is imperative so as not to spend your resources on futile things. While choosing a PDF editor,  a plethora of things should be kept in mind, like ease of use, affordability, convenience, etc. Here are some of the best features your PDF editor must-have.

Scan and OCR

Nowadays, every community is working towards being an eco-friendly community. The first step that is usually taken by most companies is to eliminate the use of paper. PDF editors help in achieving this.

A PDF editor connects with the scanner and helps to digitize documents. After digitization of documents, PDF editors further help to convert PDF to Word.

Having OCR in your PDF editor makes things even easier. OCR helps in converting images of documents into editable text. Fine PDF editors also can look for characters and words within the images.

Document Collaboration

PDF editors help in document collaboration. They allow for multiple participants who can view and edit files, leave comments. A good PDF editor offers a full array of features that help the users to collaborate and edit documents.

Choosing the right PDF editor can make collaborating and editing documents very convenient for the user. A PDF editor is a one-stop destination for editing, converting, and collaboration.

Security Features

This is perhaps the most important feature to check while choosing a PDF editor. Statistics show that companies create and edit documents containing confidential information every week. Security features like password protection are a must-have in your PDF editors.

While collaboration is important, we need to safeguard the interests of the user and restrict features like printing, filling in forms, and modifying the document. And in our ever more connected world, protecting the privacy of the user is the most important feature that a PDF editor must-have.

Support and customer care

When it comes to support and customer care, PDF editors should provide the best possible troubleshooting to their users. PDF editors should be easily accessible and should be able to provide the help that the user deserves.

A good and versatile PDF editor is easy to understand. The interface should be user-friendly so that users can easily contact for help whenever required.

Supports different devices

A good PDF editor should be accessible on all devices so that you are not restricted to a single device or place. A PDF editor which offers different apps on different devices takes your needs and comforts seriously.

PDF editors should be able to provide all the features on all the supported devices. You should be able to view, edit, collaborate, annotate, etc., on any device as and when needed.