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For a person who spends a lot of time traveling throughout the year and makes the hotel room a little temporary house, it is essential to choose the best hotel worldwide. When planning your trip, it is necessary to learn about the hotel before staying in it. Paying too much for a hotel room where you’re not getting everything you wanted or paid for can be a significant loss. Knowing where to book and what to look for before booking a hotel is necessary. These hotel room hacks and tricks mentioned below will help save a huge amount of money and help you save your time, and make your trip more comfortable and cosier.

Book hotel and flight together:

Suppose you have to book a flight and hotel room on your own before starting your trip, so it’s better and more comfortable to book both of them together at the same time to save your time as well as your money. Booking a flight as a part of your hotel room package, you can avail yourself of many different amenities and money-saving services. And before choosing the package, do not forget to check the prices of flight and hotel separately to make sure you are getting the best and most reasonably priced package. If you are looking to book the best hotel in Liberia, go for Royal Ambassador Hotel and get a comfortable stay within an affordable budget.

Join AAA:

Even if you don’t own a car or don’t know how to drive and whether you are traveling on cheap local flights or the first class, AAA members get tremendous and enormous discounts at most hotels around the world. If you often travel, then saving your money with AAA membership is better than paying for a costly membership plan for every hotel you plan to stay in. AAA is one of the two prominent organizations that work within the United states authorized system of international driving permits. Even when traveling with AAA membership, remember always to keep your ID when visiting another country.

Close curtains with hanger:

If the sunlight from your hotel room comes straight gushing at you and disturbs your peaceful sleep, you can quickly fix that with a coat hanger that will be already in your closet. Use the coat hanger with clips to keep the curtains closed and the sunlight out. All you have to do is grab the clips and clip both the curtains’ sides with the help of a coat hanger to close the gap between curtains. This hotel hack can be very useful at your home as well.

Own sound system:

If you are a big music lover that music increases up your day or cannot spend a day without listening to music with high volume, this hotel room hack is definitely for you to live by. Just grab a mug or glass and drop your phone into it to make sure it is empty and clean. You will find this helpful hack for every trip. Before using this hotel room hack, remember to think about the people staying in the room beside yours.

Book room straight from hotel:

Hotel room prices go downtime by time, and you are not the only one who wants to save money. Hotels themselves look for plans to save money as well. The only way hotels save money is to provide beneficial and affordable packages to their customers so that a hotel as a business grows more and more over time. Many best hotels in Liberia post their affordable promotions on their websites. By booking a hotel room from the hotel’s website, you can avail yourself of many different discounts. Many hotels promise to give their customers the lowest and cheapest rates on their website rather than any other booking site.


Paying prices for everything in a hotel is not essential as there are many different ways to cut down the costs of unnecessary things in a hotel room. I hope you find this hotel room hacks useful for your next trip.