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Depending on your marketing strategy, you write each SEO content to push it on Google. Increasing your site traffic goes through SEO actions on Google and social media to increase site visibility. The number of visitors has always been a basic criterion that we put forward. Long before analysis tools like Analytics or XITI, this number of visitors was put forward to measure the notoriety of a site.

However, if it is obvious that an increasing number of visits from potential customers is clearly preferable than a declining number of visits, the most important thing is to have qualified visits, i.e. Internet users who correspond to the target. The goal is to attract an audience likely to place an order, fill out a form or call you. You need to define a policy to attract the right prospects. If you want to have the best site for buying the traffic, then there are More info here.

We have very powerful tools to analyze the volume of visits and to determine the corrective actions of website referencing (work on the content of the pages according to the keywords) to increase it.

Sources of volume

The first thing to analyze when talking about the number of visitors is to understand the source. Where do Internet users who frequent the site come from? Tools like Analytics make it possible to identify whether they come from:

  • An external link from another site
  • A query on search engines


In addition, Web Master Tools (now Search Console) allows you to know the words that have been used either to display your site in the search tools or to enter your site.

The same Google Analytics gives the average behavior feed on the site which lets you know who came from, where it came from, with what device, and what they saw on the site.

How to increase qualified traffic

We can then put in place actions to increase the number of qualified visits to our site. Generally we will list:

Improve the referencing of such or such key expression to attract more good visits on the themes carried by the keyword. This is the main point. The pages of your site must be considered as so many relevant answers to questions that your targets will ask themselves at a time that you do not control. You have to be able to offer the best answer to these questions (target words) to capture the target audience you are targeting.

Improve the linking of pages and the call to action to keep Internet users on your pages longer. Even well-targeted volatile visitors do not interest us. If an Internet user has made the effort to come to your site, it must be kept with attractive content by navigating it from page to page and thus reduce the famous bounce rate which is too often excessive (number of users who leave the site a once arrived on a page).


Multiply links from FB, Twitter, Linkedin etc. This is a real investment where you don’t just have to tease your RS pages but actually participate in FB groups and discussions; linkedin, twitter and others to become a recognized interlocutor which will naturally arouse the interest of Internet users to go to your site. You have to know how to give in order to receive!