Biggest Flight Attendant Myths Revealed 

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When it comes to being a flight attendant, there are many myths regarding them and what they do. The job is often regarded not at the same level as a corporate one would be and is often seen as a glamorous job. But some myths should be debunked as fast as possible. Flight attendant training school (โรงเรียน สอน แอร์ โฮสเตส, which is the term in Thai) offers flights crews the perfect training and breaks such myths too. Here are some myths that are the most notable ones. 

It Is A Glorified Waitress Job 

This is one of the most notable as well as the first myth that one can think of when talking about ais hostesses and flight attendants. Being a flight attendant is often an exhaustive one and comes with full of responsibilities and customer service is a crucial part of everything. From passenger safety to passenger comfort, everything should be taken care of by them from the time the flight takes off till landing. Maintaining a cordial environment requires a lot of training and they even are termed as silent superheroes while flying. 

They Should Be Gorgeous 

While flight attendant jobs depend a lot on how one’s appearance is, it is not everything. It is a big myth that all cabin crew should be glamorous, beautiful as well as young. What matters most would be their communication skills and how they are interacting as well as how they think during a tough circumstance. They should be presentable, groomed as well as agreeable.

They Know Several Languages 

Though it is an added benefit, it is not a must. Along with the basics, it is necessary to know English as it is often considered the universal language for communication, therefore being fluent in it is vital. Flight attendant training school sometimes offers courses on languages as well. 

They Get Innumerable Vacation Days 

Like any other job, there are limited vacation days for a flight attendant as well. The truth is they do not get a lot of days off and they work even during holidays, special occasions and in shifts. All of it depends on whether they are traveling national or international and their working hours. 

They Are Unintelligent 

This is a very common myth that people think flight attendants do not have to be intelligent and just presentable. A flight attendant requires a high school diploma alongside post-school experience of work or further education. The selection process is quite a tough one and it is not always easy to get hired.

Therefore, these are some of the myths that one would come across when it comes to flight attendants and what they do. There are so many responsibilities of cabin crews and they have to take training on CPR, self-defense to help passengers during their time of need.