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For any type of business, the décor and flooring should follow the same theme that is the one that enhances and imprints your values and brand identity to the clients and employees as well. Carpet tiles were preferred for more informal type offices or small-scale businesses but now they can be seen in big companies as well.

Normally office décor is mostly minimalistic and subdued to keep it professional Installing carpet tiles feels like a God-sent opportunity to play with colors to make your office look fun and entertaining with a friendly atmosphere while maintaining its professionalism too. Following are some of the preferred carpet designs for office settings:

  • Monochrome-themed carpet tiles- a combination of modernism and sophistication, the shades of black and white melt together in different patterns create an illusion of different dimensions ideal for tech-savvy corporate and businesses. These carpet tiles make everything look fast-paced and people move in a buzz light fashion and take care of maintenance as well making it quite light on your already heavy budget.
  • Checkerboard themes- are carpet tiles of two colors differently placed together as in a chessboard.
  • Blue and gray carpet tile- colors can easily lift one’s spirit and differentiate the places where different departments work. Carpets with neutral shades with a bold streak in them enhance the office’s vibe.
  • Mix and match carpet tiles- a good way to differentiate different sections of your office such as meeting rooms and waiting rooms, for this you can use tiles of a contrasting color to each other. With a dark background, the space looks modern and fun, perfectly balancing design and formality.
  • Tonal patterned carpet tiles- simple, subtle, and sophisticated are the word to go with for this carpet. Easy option to choose for the entire office looks a bit outdated. Proceed for call centers.
  • Vibrant tiles- for offices dealing in cosmetics or gaming and art industries or for people dealing with kids it is a fun way to keep the people happy and entertained while increasing productivity.
  • Opulence- Bold, exotic, and complex. Richly colored glazed tones and bold patterns most likely as florals and paisleys based on traditional fabrics and wall to wall carpet designs or classical artworks. Used both on walls and flooring. It’s all about achieving one’s balance in the workplace that’s at once/ simultaneously lush and untamed, and elegant.
  • Biophilic design- Custom-designed textured carpet mimics the random patterning and colors of waterfalls, waterways, forest floors, or cloudy skies slowly bringing the outdoors in, introducing the organic into the urban. Scientifically proven to be healthy for people unable to spend time in nature.
  • Floor power- a bold carpet design, a major design statement, with all other materials being subdued making a subtle but powerful brand message and statement.
  • Geometrical-carpet tiles in different sized squares, planks, hexagons, and triangles to create flooring designs that are energetic and lively, having many different applications normally applied where the versatility is preferred in comparison to the wall-to-wall carpeting.