Categorising Halloween costumes

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Are you confused at what to wear for this Halloween? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one, especially when the choices are too many. But worry not, this is where you will get to make your choice. Traditionally, Halloween has its roots in Celtic rituals. The ancient Celtics observed 1st of November as their New year. They believed winter marked the start of a new year. But, as winter came, it brought along with it death and diseases. And this made them relate evil spirits with winter. Consequently, they believed the night before the new year to have a greater link between the two realms. The realms of the living and the dead. This is why they hosted spiritual rituals the night before New year ( 31st October,) to ward off evil spirits. During the celebration they wore animal head dresses and skin. And this was where the tradition of costume started. Let’s look at the costume options available in 2021.

The traditional look

Ideally Halloween costumes were about scary looks ( apparently our ancestors thought, dressing up as evil would be helpful in scaring off evil.) So without much to do, you can go clear ahead with scary costumes. It’s safe to say, scary costumes will forever work on Halloween. However, in the genre of scary itself, there lies a great deal of variety. You can dress up as ghosts, vampires, zombies or witches. The undead squad is not only eye catchy, but interesting as well. You will have to pay extra attention on face makeup and Halloween contact lenses. The Halloween contacts are a good way to give your costume an authentic finish.

Cult popular movie character

Halloween, although at its core -a spooky festival, the general tone of it has fizzed down over the years. It has generally become the occasion of costume parties, and people dress up as almost everything. Movies in general enforce a heavy impact on our psychology. Especially, when it comes to  lifestyle and fashion. Hence, when it comes to Halloween costumes -movies are a rich mine of costume ideas. Movies and TV shows of the fantasy genre, are particularly interesting. Movies like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are filled with characters to dress up as. Characters like Voldemort would be a great Halloween choice from the Harry potter series. With Voldemort Halloween contacts, black silk cloak and a bit of face prosthetics, you will be good to go. This won’t just be an easy costume, but the eerie feel of Voldemort would go well on Halloween as well. Same would be the case with Saruman – The White Wizard, costume from The Lord of the Rings.

The extended pop-culture universe

Although movies are a huge part of pop-culture, it extends far beyond. Comic book, video game and anime characters are equally diverse. It’s a huge universe full of supernatural warlocks, brave wizards, superheroes, anti-heroes, mad geniuses and supervillains. Try to keep your character simple with simplistic body gear and carefully choose colourful Halloween contacts, that will accentuate your looks.