Celadon Coin with the Potential to Explode In 2022

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The crypto world may have experienced a crash, but there are still investors who have high hopes that they can still grow their digital assets through the crypto market still. The only question they have now is what’s the cryptocurrency that will explode in 2022?

Celadon Coin gained so much interest when it was launched a few months ago. The strong team behind it, headed by Adam Widelka, envisioned this cryptocurrency to be people-focused. It aims to improve the features found on other altcoins and offers promising features that can benefit the users. Since Celadon Coin is new to the market, there are two stages to spread its idea—phase 1 and phase 2.

Phase 1 is CELA’s launch of its own NFT Marketplace and NFT Collection. It will include the features that a blockchain NFT usually offers like digital games, music, videos, and in-game attributes like battle items, skins, moves, fantasy game cards, etc.

Phase 2 is the launch of CELA’s cross-chain DEX and the integration of the Celadon Wallet to trade, swap, streak, and farm. In this phase, developers can be able to build their decentralized applications on top of the CELA bridges through their secure bridging capabilities.

What’s Promising about Celadon?

There’s a lot of doubt about the future of Celadon. Some people even think of it as a Ponzi scheme, but the increasing number of users signing up on the platform daily is proof that it’s trusted. Just like other cryptocurrencies, it has ups and downs, but you can see that its price is on an upward trend. Here are the features of Celadon that make it unique:

  1. Bridging Solutions


One of the goals of CELA is to improve the user experience. In some blockchains, you’ll only be allowed to buy coins using the same platform, so if you’re regularly buying and trading in different blockchains, shifting from one platform to another can be a hassle.

To make buying and trading hassle-free, Celadon allows the users to buy CELA coins in multiple blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon without incurring extra charges.

  1. Staking


Staking is somehow protection for traders and investors. It’s where you lock up a portion of your crypto funds for a period of time. In cryptocurrency, the drop in the value of the coin is just a normal scenario, but to cushion your possible losses, staking it will still let you earn passive income. The more coins you stake, the higher rewards. To assist users with staking, CELA also features Tokenomics, which analyzes the distribution, allocation, and supply of tokens, so they’ll know when it’s the best time to stake.

  1. Anti-Whale Mechanism


Another unique feature that CELA offers is the anti-whale mechanism that aims to stop manipulating crypto prices. The crypto whales buy and sell tokens in bulk which causes panic among the users because crypto prices increase. Through this feature, those who wish to invest are given equal chances to grow their investment because crypto values are true-to-market.

With Celadon, investors can only acquire limited tokens depending on the total volume in circulation. If there’s equal distribution of tokens, you can be sure to establish trust among the investors because they’ll not think of this platform as a competition. To ensure that this feature is well implemented, even the Celadon team and the founder only hold a few tokens.

  1. Swapping


Apart from the flexibility of buying coins across multiple blockchains, CELA also features swapping; wherein users can exchange tokens between different blockchains. Only a few cryptocurrencies take advantage of this decentralization.

  1. Referral Program

As part of giving back to the community, every Celadon user is qualified to join the referral program. Each user will be given a unique referral link. For every successful referral, you’ll be rewarded with tokens to be credited directly to your accounts.



The CELA is relatively new to the crypto world, but with its features, it has the potential to explode in 2022. Whether you’re an expert or a novice to cryptocurrency, the CELA is a good choice, but before investing, just remember that cryptocurrency isn’t an easy-to-get money scheme. It must be treated as a long-term investment.