Choose the Right CBD Packaging Solutions

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In the case of consumer goods, primary packaging represents the sales unit destined for the final consumer.

Secondary Packaging

Example of secondary packaging: The CBD boxes of medicinal tablets packed in blisters also called multiple: it is the packaging that constitutes the grouping of a certain number of sales units. It is usually found at the point of sale and can be removed from the product without alternating its characteristics.

Some examples: a pack containing several bottles, a pack of three boxes of peas, a pack of ten boxes for CD, a pack of 10 packs of cigarettes (the so-called carton).

Therefore, in the case of consumer goods, the secondary CBD Packaging can constitute both the sales unit intended for the final consumer and that intended for the retailer.

Tertiary Packaging

Some examples: a pallet of packages or boxes, a box containing packages. Therefore, in the case of consumer goods, tertiary packaging is reserved for use within the distribution chain and, except in special cases, it does not reach the end user. In this case, the palletized group is normally locked between itself and with the pallet by means of specific packaging structures: strap, extensible plastic and shrink plastic. The machines used to perform these operations are respectively related to the material: strapping, wrapping and hooding machines.

Main Functions of Packaging

Physically guard the product from impurities and external agents for the entire journey from the place of production to the place of consumption.

Economy function: the packaging and CBD branding must not excessively affect the final cost of the product.

Convenience function: the packaging must be strong, light, easy to transport, to store, to use. In summary: it is a facilitator of use.

Food packaging

Food packaging is made from materials that are not supposed to release toxic or dangerous substances. However the packaging, especially if in contact with a hot or lipophilic food i.e. in which fatty substances can be dissolved, releases substances of different types and of varying quantities into the food.

Aspects Related To Aesthetics and Marketing

The phenomenon of the packaging of objects and products has taken on values ​​and roles that go beyond simple functional needs: packaging has thus become a fundamental component in the presentation and aesthetics of the product, coming to invest aspects ranging from design to anthropological costume. In fact, the role assumed by the container in suggesting and outlining the identity of the contained product is known. The wide scope of the commercial phenomenon, which is often reflected in a more specific use of the English term packaging, has made it an object of sociological and anthropological interest.