Classified jobs – Now Select Jobs As Per Your Interest

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The importance of education has been increased tremendously in the past few decades, an increase in the importance of education has resulted in more qualified people, which has further increased the requirement of employment as per their qualification. Education has helped in producing specialization in the field of the interests of the people. For example, chartered accountant, engineering, medical, etc. Qualified people desire their jobs as per their qualifications and interests. Which can be searched online on websites. For example, if an individual looking for a job in UAE then he/she may search for classified jobs in UAEClassified jobs refer to the advertisements about the jobs which may be posted by the companies. Classified jobs have been proved beneficial to both employees and employers.

Following are the benefits of classified jobs to employees:

  • People shall be able to find a job as per their qualifications and interest.
  • They can apply for the advertised jobs online by sitting at their homes and can also book their interviews online.
  • Job profile can easily be known, people shall be able to know the work included in the advertised job profile. Which shall help in deciding whether to apply for the job or not. Whether such job profile falls under their interest and qualification or not.
  • People shall also get to know the packages provided for the job profile. Whether it’s worth to join the job or not for the provided salary package.
  • One may be able to search for a job according to his qualifications, interests, experiences, etc.

Following are the steps for applying online for jobs:

  • An individual may search for the job requirements in his/her counter, for example, if an individual is looking for a job in UAE, then he may search for classified jobs in UAE. After searching a list of jobs shall come on his display
  • The individual may select one job as per his qualification and interest out of the job list displayed on his screen.
  • After selecting the job the individual may apply for the job and upload the required qualification and skill documents.
  • After fulfilling all the formalities online he may appear for the interview.

Following are the benefits of classified jobs to employers:

  • An employer shall be able to advertise the requirement of employees on websites without spending a large amount of money that he will be required to spend on advertisements in print media.
  • Recruitment process becomes easier, an employer will not have to interview each applicant separately to assess their qualifications and skills. He can do so by going through their applications uploaded on classified job websites.
  • It does not only save money but saves time.
  • Employer will be able to select the qualified employees having a specialized knowledge of the field in which employee is required.

This is how media play an important role in our life, whether it comes to entertainment, news, communication, etc.

 Here are some of the tips that are to be kept in mind while applying for an advertised job.

  • Speed: As soon as you get to know the information regarding the job. It is better to collect all the necessary data and soon after that, you can apply for the job. Don’t get mislead by the closing date of the application. If there are many responses for the application then it may be unlikely that the employer will go through each application, in this case, the chances increases that the employer is likely to go with the applications that were submitted first. So it is better to be quick in filling the application for the job.
  • Relevance: You will easily find out the variety of job classifieds available on the internet. It is up to the understanding of the person that the job he is applying to is relevant for him or nit. The employer uses a tick box criteria to analyse the CV. According to that criteria, they will shortlist the candidates. For example, if a person sees a job classified as an accountant. If the person belongs to an accounting background then only he has to apply for the job else not. It is better to thoroughly check the requirements for the job and after that only apply for that.
  • Research: Before applying for any job, it is better to do additional research about the company. Collecting information about the company you are going to apply to will show your enthusiasm and professionalism towards your career. It is better to have a proper overview of the role as well for which you are applying for.
  • Visual presentation: Before sending your CV to the company, it is better to make sure that your CV should be presented in such a way that it should look smart and professional. The content written in it should be relevant and true.
  • Personal contact: Soon after you apply for the job, it is better to be in touch with someone who is in the team of recruiting. Find out some of the reasons to ring them up and ask whether they got your CV or not. Do not trouble them by asking a lot of questions as it will leave a negative impact on them.
  • Keywords: while you see a classified related to the job you will see that there may be some keywords that will be related to some specific skills, job title, knowledge, etc. you need to analyse that and need to modify your CV accordingly. As in the initial stages, the CVs are shortlisted by any non-technical person that will match those keywords with CV provided to him.

So these are some of the things that are to be considered while applying for classified jobs in UAE. There is no doubt if I say that these classifieds bring upon many employment opportunities to the people and without any hindrance they can easily apply in the company.