Commercial Aviation: How To Become A Commercial Pilot

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Pilots sitting in an airplane cabin flying and smiling

Most people are not quite aware of what a commercial pilot really is. They assume that just because of a commercial pilot, you’re automatically an airline pilot. This is not usually the case. While an airline pilot is a type of commercial pilot, a commercial pilot isn’t always an airline pilot. You can choose to register for online aviation training to be able to become a commercial pilot. Commercial pilots are sometimes flight instructors, tour pilots, tow pilots, cargo pilots, and many more. If you’re ever interested in becoming a commercial pilot, it will help to know the steps required to become one. Below is a breakdown of how to become a commercial pilot.

Know the Requirements

Commercial pilots are required to be up to 18 years old before they can sign up. You also need to be able to speak, write and understand the English language. You will need a private pilot certificate before you can become a commercial pilot. This is because most people are not able to start training as a commercial pilot due to a lack of experience. The number of hours a pilot needs to be able to earn a commercial pilot license is 250 hours.

Acquire A Medical Certificate

Since one of the requirements before you can take an online aviation training to become a commercial pilot is owning a private pilot certificate, chances are you already own an aviation medical certificate. However, if your first medical certificate was 3rd class, you will need an upgrade. Most training school requires a 2nd class medical certificate to use their commercial pilot privileges. It is advised that you get it before you complete your training to avoid delays.

Take the FAA Exam

Just like when you register for the private pilot, there is an FAA written exam you would be required to sit for. You should get the exam out of the way as soon as you can so that you’ll have the extra knowledge in your head. The FAA exam can also help to refresh your memory if you took some time off after obtaining the private pilot certificate.

Begin to Fly

Proficiency is important as a commercial pilot, but you will require some level of experience. This is why 250 flight hours is needed to obtain a commercial pilot certificate. You will need to get in at least 100 hours of pilot-in-command time and at least 50 cross-country flying hours. This time will help you learn maneuvers and consistency than when you were taking online aviation training to become a private pilot.

Finally, Take The Check Ride

Once you learned all the technicalities, privileges, and limitations of being a commercial pilot, you’ll be signed up for the check ride. This includes a verbal and practical exam. The examiner will want to see the type of commercial pilot you would be, so remain professional. Don’t be sloppy; bear in mind that precision is vital. If you successfully complete the check ride, you can expect your commercial pilot certification to arrive in the mail at any time.