Common Myths About Raw Dog Foods

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Every dog parent wants to do the best for their dog. This includes feeding them right and ensuring that they are comfortable and happy. This has seen many pet owners buy toys and improve their homes to make their dogs feel most comparable.

One of the significant ways you can make your furry friend feel at ease and content is to invest in a raw diet. Unfortunately, there are so many myths out there that have hindered several pet owners from putting their dogs on a raw diet. We explore some of the myths and debunk them.

Raw Meat Diets are Not Balanced Diets

This is the biggest myth you will ever hear and is mostly spread by food manufacturing companies to dissuade pet owners from ditching their products for raw foods. An uncooked steak does more for your dog than a kibble diet. However, raw diets are not just about raw meats. 

A balanced raw diet combines several valuable ingredients carefully mixed and portioned together for the dog’s well-being. Get your raw dog food from companies known for their excellent natural foods. This is where Houston Raw Pet Food comes in.

Raw Meat Diet Exposes your Dog to Salmonella Danger

Raw meat dies and can have salmonella in them. However, this is a rare occurrence and should not be a deterrent. Adequately prepared raw diets are devoid of such scares. What’s more, even if salmonella is present in the dog food, the highly acidic nature of the dog’s stomachs scorches such bacteria and organisms that could be problematic to humans, thus rendering them useless in the dog’s stomach. 

However, if you source all your raw pet food from manufacturers of good repute, then the issue of safe ingredients will; not come up.

Raw Dog Food is not Affordable

It is true that raw diets are expensive and can take up most of your money. However, they are not entirely out of most people’s reach. Considering the health benefits your dog gets from consuming raw diets, no cost is too expensive. 

Once you put your dog on a raw diet, your vet visits due to diseases and other health complications will reduce and even stop altogether. This is an excellent compromise since every pet owner knows how expensive a pet visit is.

Raw Diets Make Dogs Aggressive

Please do not fall for this fear-based rumor and myth, as it is entirely untrue. Your dog will not turn into a blood-sucking monster just because you have them on a raw diet. Aggressive behaviors in dogs are a result of bad behaviors. Train your dog when still a puppy to curb any aggression.

Raw Diets are Complicated and Time-Consuming

Just like you would do with other dog foods, raw foods are bought. You do not have to hunt the prey down and bring it home. Therefore, raw feeding is uncomplicated and straightforward in modern times. Please do not fall for the myth that it will take up all your time.

Bones are Dangerous for Dogs

The size of the bone matters. However, it is wrong to assume that bones are unsafe for dogs. Give your dog the right size of raw bone and let them chew on it. 

Besides getting the nutrients they need, this also helps with oral health and hygiene. Bones also supply calcium which is an essential mineral for dogs.

Raw Meat Diets are not Good for Small Dog Breeds

This is a false calm since all sizes of dogs can benefit from raw foods. Contrary to the belief that raw diets are exclusively suited for muscular dogs, this diet works for all sizes and breeds of dogs since it is highly nutritious.

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