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Comprehensive Information to Know More about Laminate Flooring

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Are you looking for your next floor choice? Then you may consider a laminate flooring option for the next renovation of your home. This has now become a very popular option for the last few years in Australia.

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What is laminate flooring?

In this type of flooring, several synthetic layers are glued together, and the top layer offers necessary protection against any scratches, wear and tear, or spillages for many years.Laminate floors can provide the same visual appeal asany real timber floors and you will spend almost a fraction that you would have spent on timber flooring.

Those who are interested to go for DIY installation will always prefer to go for laminate flooring installation as they are quite easy to install by using a click method to join the boards.

Let us answer a few of the questions that people may like to ask so that you will get more info on laminate flooring.

Why go for laminate flooring installation?

Laminate flooring offers the following advantages:

  • Interlocking installation system
  • Hard-wearing
  • Handles spillages well
  • Various finishes
  • Affordable installation cost
  • Behaves well at different temperatures
  • Versatile floor option
  • Easy to clean

What does the installation cost?

In Australia,it may cost you about $35 to $50 per sq. meter. Unlike wooden flooring, no floor sanding will be needed. The following factors will decide the price of installation:

  • The thickness of your floorboards
  • The floating floor type
  • Your underlay quality and thickness
  • The size of your floor area
  • The design’s complexity
  • Your location
  • The credentials of your floor installers

What are the various advantages of laminate floorboards?

  • You can get a natural beauty that authentic timber flooring can offer at a much lower price
  • Laminate floating flooring is dent, scratch, and stain-resistant. Also, very hygienic, and much easier to clean.
  • Needs very low maintenance.
  • Highly durable, water-resistant, and can be an ideal choice for any active family home where there can be lots of foot traffic.
  • Favourite of DIY installers because of the easy click-together installation system.

Can laminate flooring last longer?

If you buy from a good quality manufacturer then they will offer you a generous warranty. If they are installed and maintained as per the instructions offered by the manufacturer, laminate flooring can last well beyond the amount of average time that most homeowners spend on any property before moving.

Will it increase the value of my home?

Most of the very high-quality laminate flooring mimics almost like wooden flooring and it will be very difficult to distinguish between real wooden flooring. So your home value is most likely to increase.

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