Conquer Cavities – Prevention Tips for Everyone 

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People everywhere know that having healthy teeth is important for many reasons, but it is easy to forget to do it here in New York, where there are so many tasty foods. Most of the time, we can keep our gums and teeth pretty healthy if we floss, brush, and get frequent cleanings at the dentist’s office.

That is not always enough, though. Some things we eat, like how much sugar we consume, can change our risk of tooth decay. For some strange reason, the natural sugars in raw fruits and even some veggies can also make your teeth rot. You should consult a dental practice in Carmel, NY, to learn about how to prevent cavities and keep your teeth healthy. 

What are cavities? 

If you have germs in your mouth that eat away at the enamel, you can get a cavity. We all have germs in our mouths that are there naturally. Bacteria can build up on the outside of our teeth, especially after we eat. 

Plaque is a sticky film that bacteria make on your teeth if you do not brush or floss them. Plaque can harden over time and be hard to get rid of, so it is important to get rid of it early by brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist regularly for professional cleanings. 

Who is most likely to get cavities?

If you like sweets, you might be more likely to get cavities. Tooth rot is more likely to happen with foods that stick to your teeth, like candy, cake, cookies, dried fruits, and even dairy products. These foods have more sugar and are more likely to be difficult to clean off your teeth. People who snack a lot or drink a lot of soda or fruit juice are more likely to get cavities than people who do not snack as much or eat as many sweets. 

Tips to prevent cavities. 

Stay away from processed white sugar. Plaque is more likely to form on your teeth when you eat a lot of foods that are sweetened with refined white sugar.

Do not add sugar to your black or green tea. These kinds of tea can help keep bacteria levels low and stop plaque from building up in your mouth. Make sure you drink tea that is not sweetened, or at least tea that is not sweetened with sugar or corn syrup. The sweets will destroy the effect!

Eat healthy foods. Berries, nuts, and cheese can help get rid of plaque that has built up on your teeth. Eat foods that are high in fiber to help your mouth make more saliva. Saliva helps clean your teeth and kill germs.

For more information, consult your dentist today! 

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