Criteria of an ideal dog food

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Dogs are the most faithful animal of all. A dog is often considered our best friend. That is why we have to take care of them. We can do it in various ways, like giving them proper food and taking care of their skin. You will never want to feed your dog low-quality food. That is why selecting high-quality dog food is a crucial thing. There are many different kinds of dog foods in the market, but you can easily trust the Orijen dog food.

Criteria of high-quality dog food:

There are many criteria for high-quality dog foods. We have described those criteria below.

  • The dog food must be highly nutritious. Here protein is the main component of nutrition. Besides this, there are other nutrients we can add to a portion of dog food. These extra additional nutrients can elevate the quality of dog food.
  • The dog food must have a particular type of flavor and aroma, which will attract the dogs. This aroma must be a special one, which a dog usually loves to smell. On top of that, that flavor must be a dog’s favorite one.

If a dog’s food does not contain these two elements, a dog will never eat that food because it does not have any flavor or aroma.

  • Ideal Dog food must not have any side effects, like the fall of body hair. Rather than that, it must be able to improve the texture and concentration of their body hair. It will also help the body hairs to shine and dazzle.
  • We can preserve ideal and high-quality dog food for an extended period without any spoilage. This feature is the most crucial one for dog foods. If you feed spoiled food to your dog, it will generate some severe problematic conditions in your dog. For this reason, you have to provide him a high-quality dog food that cannot get spoiled in any adverse conditions.
  • You must give that food, which contains more or less 350 calories. This is the optimum amount of energy a dog needs for his daily activities. We must be cautious about this criterion. If we provide less or greater calories than the optimum limit, it can cause serious problems related to malnutrition.

The above criteria are the most significant ones. Before buying dog food, you have to check it concerning these criteria. There are some other criteria, which are not included in the above context.


Science has made a massive development in their work. Their development has also impacted the quality of dog food. They are now thinking about how to improve its quality further. The Orijen dog food is the perfect example of this above fact.