D Cell Solvent Trap – What Makes It Different?

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A solvent trap is an accessory associated with a firearm used by the owners to clean their firearm. It is made of different kinds of metals, designs, and finishes. The cylindrical tube is attached to the threaded barrel of a firearm and then sealed off with an end-cap, which helps to collect and store excess solvent that accumulates in the process of cleaning. It does the same for any deposits or debris resulting from flushing the firearm. Thereafter, the trap is removed for the efficient disposal of the waste.

The ‘D’ labeling refers to the solvent trap’s size, which specifically has to do with the diameter measurement.

A ‘D Cell’ solvent trap has an outer diameter (OD) of 1.5” and an internal diameter (ID) of 1.375”. So, the measurement of the ‘D Cell’ is a sort of standard. However, there are variations from one manufacturer to another, and it also has fluctuations in the make and model of the firearm. It is essential to maintain your firearm for reliability, safety, durability, and maximum performance by cleaning it every time after use. Therefore, the D Cell solvent trap helps firearm owners to ensure the adequate cleaning of their firearms.

Should you use a Solvent Trap?

First of all, it’s common knowledge to clean your firearm after every use because it helps to increase its lifespan. No one wants to have a faulty firearm when there’s an emergency.

So, taking the necessary steps to ensure that your firearm lasts longer and remains dependable is a huge need. Which at the top is having a solvent trap because it helps with cleaning.

America’s Best D Cell Solvent Trap Supplier

Armory Den is America’s number 1 distributor of high-quality solvent trap cleaning solutions. We offer the very best solvent traps, their parts, and accessories to a wide range of customers, including firearm owners and safety instructors, law enforcement, government officials, etc. You can legally purchase our solvent traps without a Form 1; however, modification and redesigning of the solvent trap into any other device is prohibited.

The measurement of our Armory Den D Cell Solvent Trap tubes is a 1.73 outer diameter and a 1.375 internal diameter. Plus, the high-grade solvent trap kit has a lip at the bottom of each stackable K-Style Storage Cup to ensure a tight seal, which allows for sealed compartments to store solvents, cleaning supplies, and other valuables dry and protected.

Our designs are innovative and built for durability and reliability. We sell complete kits of customizable cleaning line-up, including Adaptive Solvent Trap Kits and Solvent Trap Tube Kits of excellent grade and quality for efficiency.

Our complete kits comprise thread mounts, end-caps, and extra storage cups as substitutes to cover for any unexpected damages in the course of transporting the products to your destination of use.

If you are a firearm owner, you cannot go wrong with Armory Den’s Solvent Trap. We have a track record of delivering our products to customers’ satisfaction nationwide. Millions of satisfied customers can’t be wrong!

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