Designing the Perfect Bathroom

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A considerable amount of money goes into interior renovations and crafting the perfect living space to meet ideal preferences. One of the most expensive and valuable rooms of any home is the bathroom. It is a space that most people consider first when evaluating the total worth of a house, both for its aesthetic appeal and practicality. Whether someone is renovating a current bathroom or designing a one from a blank slate, the concept of achieving the dream bathroom can be a daunting one. However, there are some considerations to think about that will make the challenging designing stages more organized. If the design stage becomes too challenging, or even daunting, consider hiring an expert bathroom remodeling contractor like Mimicoco to facilitate your bathroom remodeling needs.

Total Functionality

A bathroom has very specific uses, and those uses are the foundation for every decision after that. This is the room where you prepare yourself for the day and is usually the last place you go before heading to bed. To ensure that the bathroom is built to sustain your daily needs, you have to determine what it is you want to gain. For instance, if a couple lives together and will frequently need to use the bathroom simultaneously, a double-vanity is favorable. Or, rather than have a bathtub and shower combination, consider separating the two, so one person can shower, and the other can take a bath. This is the tip of the iceberg in the realm of function, but it is evident that these decisions will heavily influence the final design.

Set the Layout

Setting the layout is a vital element in designing because it combines your bathroom workflow and aesthetics into the functional aspects of the design. This is also the time to consider types of materials and placement of amenities not only to be efficient, but visually pleasing. Objects that will be used the most should be closest at hand, such as a sink or vanity. You should also consider the space the room has because it will drive the viability of a separate shower and bath or a double-vanity.

The best thing to do is imagine walking into the bathroom and seeing the amenities in front of you. Picture the layout in your mind and alter it to fulfill all your needs adequately.

Playing with Aesthetics

Before choosing specific hardware, you must determine the colors and style of the bathroom. These are called “themes” and should flow with the rest of the house. For instance, brighter colors may call for transparent clear glass showers with chrome or nickel hardware, to give it that modern and sleek look. Likewise, darker colors may call for a different contrast in hardware, possibly white or off-white showerheads, toilets, and floor tiles.

Also, consider the lighting of the room, both placement, and tone. For the brighter colored and modern bathroom, recessed lights and cooler lighting would be desirable. For a traditional bathroom, go with warm lighting to give a gentle glow. The combinations are endless, but these thought processes linearly drive the decisions, giving you an excellent foundation to work from.


Taking on a bathroom renovation project or any home project, for that matter, is going to be significant. But the best part is that designing your bathroom is entirely up to, from the type of fixtures you use to the paint on the walls. You get to use your creativity and transform your bathroom into something that you have always wanted. Though the tips above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to renovating or building your bathroom, each one is crucial in obtaining a successful outcome and certainly worth considering before getting started.